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Blog Posts in 2014

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Home Electrical Hazards

Without the proper attention, the electrical system in your home could become a huge hazard. On top of requesting regular visits from an electrician serving Tampa, you should also pay attention to ...
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Your Guide to Common Household Electrical Emergencies

Residential electrical services offer you the support you need to handle any emergency that you might face at home. Use this guide to learn about some of the most common household electrical ...
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What Affects Your Indoor Air Quality?

Indoor air quality directly affects the way you breathe inside your house. Anything from the products you use to the frequency of your air conditioning repairs in Tampa can impact the quality of the ...
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The Benefits of Using a Pool Heater

When you own a home, you can enhance it with your very own pool. Keep reading to see how a pool heater in Tampa makes it even better to have a pool in your yard: It Extends Your Pool Season Even ...
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Control Your Home Theater with this App

After the electrical contractor sets up your new home theater, you can use the iRule app to control it right from your Anroid phone or tablet. Using this cloud-based remote, you can make it easier ...
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Outdoor Lighting Ideas to Illuminate Your Space

Decorating your outdoor area helps you move your indoor living space outside. The right lighting helps you add function and style to your yard while giving you a new way to achieve a particular design ...
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Creating the Ultimate Home Theater

Home theater systems make it easy to create your ideal entertainment environment without even leaving your house. If you want to update your spare room with electronics and lighting that allow you to ...
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Maintaining Your Pool Heater this Winter

If you want to get the most out of your backyard throughout the year, it is important to keep up with your regular pool service. Use this guide to figure out the best way to maintain your pool heater ...
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A Look at the Benefits of Pool Automation

If you are considering having a swimming pool installed, you may be concerned about how much time you will have to spend on upkeep. Fortunately, today's pool automation systems provide homeowners ...
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Top Reasons Generators Fail

A generator is a great backup for your home electrical system. In the event of a power outage or other emergency, generators can provide you with power on demand. To ensure that your generator is ...
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Hawkins Service Company: Your Best Choice

There is nothing more important than our customers! Check out our latest reviews on Facebook to read about why Hawkins Service Company is your best choice. Do you have a great experience of your own? ...
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Maintaining Your Home Air Conditioner

To get the longest service from your air conditioner, it is a great idea to schedule professional air conditioner repairs with your residential licensed AC company. By incorporating annual air ...
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Common Problems with Pool Heaters

Your pool heater is an important part of your swimming pool system. When your heater malfunctions, you may need to contact a pool service company for professional repairs. Since pool heaters are more ...
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Understanding How Home Generators Work

A home generator is a great defense against unexpected power outages. When you keep a generator handy in your garage, you will have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you will not be left ...
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Residential Electrical Services with Hawkins Service Company

If you are in need of a residential electrician in Tampa, look no further than Hawkins Service Company. We are thrilled to provide the Tampa and Riverview areas with a complete range of residential ...
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Reasons Your Swimming Pool Circulation Isn't Working

During the last days of summer, it is a great idea to get out in your backyard and spend time in your pool. If you have noticed that your pool water is cloudy or dirty, you may have a problem with ...
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Leave a Review On Google+

Customer satisfaction is our top priority at Hawkins Service Company! Our promise to you is to be professional and courteous while we provide quality work. We would love to hear your feedback on our ...
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Controlling Your Pool from Your Smartphone [Infographic]

When you live in a place as hot and humid as Tampa, having your own pool can feel like a necessity rather than a luxury. Pool ownership allows you to relax on hot summer days, and gives you a great ...
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Cleaning Your Swimming Pool Pump Baskets

Your swimming pool requires regular pool service in order to remain in great working condition. When you are scheduling pool services, you may want to consider asking your technician to clean your ...
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Signs Your Pool Pump Needs Repair

The summer season is in full swing, and now is a great time to get outside and enjoy your pool. With regular pool service, you can ensure that your pool is in great shape for all of your summer ...
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Home Generator Maintenance Tips

Your home generator requires regular maintenance in order to remain in good working condition. When you are choosing a new generator, it is important to choose a generator that is the right size for ...
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Benefits of Salt Water Chlorinators

If the chlorine in your pool is leaving you feeling itchy and uncomfortable, you may want to consider having your pool service company install a salt water chlorinator. With salt water chlorination, ...
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Designing Your Home Office Lighting

If you work from home, it is important to create a workspace that is both functional and beautiful. One of the most important factors to consider when you are planning your home office is your office ...
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Variable Speed Pump Lowers Energy Costs

Jandy Flo Pro Variable Speed Pool Pump Variable Speed Pump Lowers Energy Costs Often in homes with a pool, the pool is the greatest household energy consumer. To lower costs, consider installing a ...
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Heater Installation: Hawkins Explains How Gas Pool Heaters Compare to Heat Pump Pool Heaters

There are notable differences between a heat pump pool heater and a gas pool heater. Heat pump heaters use electricity to capture heat before transferring it to another location, while gas heaters use ...
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