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Heater Installation: Hawkins Explains How Gas Pool Heaters Compare to Heat Pump Pool Heaters

gas pool heater heat pump

There are notable differences between a heat pump pool heater and a gas pool heater. Heat pump heaters use electricity to capture heat before transferring it to another location, while gas heaters use either propane or natural gas to intake pool water, passing it through a filter and then into the heater.

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Unlike a heat pool pump, gas heaters can generate heat. Both heaters are efficient, though they each have certain parameters that may influence the degree of efficiency. An example of this is climate conditions. Given that the temperature outside remains above 45ºF to 50ºF, heat pump heaters are highly efficient. But this has a direct impact on energy costs since the cooler the air the heater has to intake, the more energy it needs to warm that air. A gas heater is not influenced by climate or weather variations. As such, a gas heater is capable of maintaining any given temperature.

What Size Gas Pool Heater Do You Need?

Gas heater output is measured in British thermal unit (Btu), ranging from 75,000 Btu to 450,000 Btu, while heat pump heaters are rated by horsepower (hp) and Btu, the standard size being 3.5 hp/75,000 Btu.

To determine the size of the gas pool heater you need for your pool, answer the following questions:

  1. What is the ideal temperature for your swimming pool?
  2. What is the average temperature during the coldest month the pool is used?
  3. Subtract the answer of question # 2 from the answer of question # 1. The difference will be the temperature rise.
  4. What is the area of your pool surface in square feet?

Plug your answers into the following formula:

Pool Area x Temperature Rise x 12

This will tell you the Btu/hour output needed for your heater. Note that this equation assumes 1 -1.25 degree temperature rise per hour, and an average of 3.5 mile per hour winds at the pool’s surface.

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