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If you want to get the most out of your backyard throughout the year, it is important to keep up with your regular pool service. Use this guide to figure out the best way to maintain your pool heater so you can always go for a swim when you feel like it:

Get It Serviced
Regular pool service helps you prevent problems before they happen. Call the maintenance team to come to check out your pool before you start using the heater this winter. They can go through all of the parts of the heater to ensure that everything is working properly. They can also check the filters and chlorine levels of the pool to help you feel confident that it is ready for use.

Test It
Before you start using the pool, you should test out your heater to see if it is working properly. Let it run for a little while and test the temperature of the pool to see if it gets any warmer. If it is taking longer to heat than normal, you might need a pool repair to keep the heater working as efficiently as it should.

Find a Heater that Fits Your Pool
If your heater is not efficiently heating your pool, it might be time for a new one. Gas pool heaters use natural gas or propane to keep the pool warm, but they usually work best for short periods of time. If you are interested in heating your pool with gas, you should find one that is a good size for your pool. You can also choose heat pumps and solar pool heaters to keep your pool warm.

The most important aspect of maintaining your pool heater is to find the right pool service in Tampa. When you work with a service company that you can trust, it makes it much easier to keep your pool ready for use throughout the year.

Pool in Winter