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Your pool heater is responsible for keeping your pool water at a consistent and comfortable temperature. When you schedule a pool service at your home, it is a great idea to have your technician inspect the quality and condition of your pool heater. If your pool heater has worn out, you will need to purchase a replacement unit from your pool service company. When you contact a company offering pool services in Tampa, you will have the option of purchasing either a gas or an electric swimming pool heater. Read on for a comparison of these two types of swimming pool heaters.

Fuel Source
A primary difference between gas and electric swimming pool heaters is the fuel source used by each system. Gas swimming pool heaters rely on gas fuel or propane, whereas electric swimming pool heaters are connected to the electrical supply of your home. In order to run a gas swimming pool heater, you will need to purchase propane tanks. By contrast, an electric swimming pool heater will not require you to purchase fuel.

Heating Speed
Another difference between gas and electric swimming pool heaters is the relative heating speed of each type of unit. Gas swimming pool heaters are very powerful and can heat up an entire pool in very little time. By contrast, an electric swimming pool heater has a slower heating speed. If you live in an area that has consistently warm outdoor temperatures, an electric pool heater may be the right choice for your needs.

Efficiency is another main difference between gas and electric pool heaters. In general, electric pool heaters cost less to operate and are more efficient than gas heaters. For this reason, electric heaters are usually considered to be more environmentally friendly than their gas counterparts. Your pool repair professional will be able to help you select the right pool heater for the specific needs of your pool.

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