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A boat lift allows you to easily remove your boat from the water. If your property is equipped with a boat lift, it is essential to perform routine boat lift repair procedures. A company offering residential electrical services near Tampa can help you ensure that your boat lift is in proper mechanical condition. By working with a residential electrician for all of your residential electrical services, you can ensure that your boat lift and other electrical components are in great shape for your recreational needs. To help you keep your lift in great shape between repairs, here is a look at some essential tips for maintaining your boat lift.

Rinse the Cable
Your boat lift relies on a heavy duty cable to lift your boat in and out of the water. To help prevent abrasion to your lift, it is very important to rinse saltwater off of the cable after every use. If you leave salt water on the surface of the cable the salt crystals can cause abrasion, damage, and breaking.

Apply Penetrating Oil
To prevent abrasion on your boat lift cable, it is a great idea to apply penetrating oil to the surface of the cable at routine intervals. Penetrating oil will ensure that the galvanized coating on the cable remains in stable condition. In addition, this product will help prevent the cable strands from rubbing together. When you are shopping for penetrating oil, be sure to choose a product that does not contain grease.

Look for Signs of Cable Wear
Your boat lift cable will require replacement about every two years. To determine when it is time for a cable replacement, you can look for the signs of cable wear. For example, you may notice kinks, severe abrasion, or other deformities on the surface of your cable. When your cable is demonstrating the signs of wear, you should be sure to schedule boat lift repair right away.

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