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If you want to keep the temperature of your pool comfortable all year long, you should use a heat pump. However, in order to keep your pool pumps & motors running as efficiently as possible, you should also make sure that your heat pump in Tampa is maintained properly at all times. Here are a few of the things that you need to do regularly to perform heat pump maintenance.

Make sure that the coils and blower inside of your heat pump are free of dirt and debris.
Because your heat pump is most likely exposed to the elements, it will gather dirt, dust, and debris over time. When this happens, your unit will be forced to work harder than usual to blow air. This can end up costing you money and shorten the lifespan of your heat pump. You can take care of this problem by cleaning the inside of your heat pump routinely. You should also be sure that leaves, twigs, and other items don’t gather on top of the unit.

Tighten all electrical connections within your heat pump.
Loose connections can cause pool pumps & motors to stop working. If you know how to do it, you can manually check connections and tighten them as necessary. If you’re not skilled in this area, you can obtain residential electrical services and have your heat pump checked by an electrician who knows what he is doing.

Trim hedges, plants, and weeds that grow near your heat pump.
Your heat pump needs to get proper airflow at all times in order to do its job. This means that any plants growing nearby could potentially cause problems. To prevent this from happening, trim anything growing near your heat pump as often as you need to.

Use your heat pump on a routine basis.
When you leave your unit idle for an extended period of time, it will begin to corrode inside and debris will likely build up. So in addition to maintaining your heat pump, make sure you’re using it, too!

The orange color Heat Pump Maintenance for garden in Tampa, FL