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Taking care of a pool during the summertime isn’t as difficult as you might think. As long as your pool pumps and motors are working properly, you will be able to do it. Finish off any pool equipment repair in Tampa prior to the start of the season, and you will be good to go once the summer starts. Here are a few helpful tips that should allow you to keep your pool up and running.

Improve your pool’s circulation by skimming it regularly and cleaning out baskets.
No matter how hard you try to keep dirt and debris out of the pool, it’s going to get in there. That means that you need to use a skimmer frequently in order to keep it clean. You should also check your baskets every day to make sure leaves and other debris aren’t trapped in them.

Maintain the pool’s pH level at all times.
Testing the pH level of the pool is as simple as dipping a test strip into it and checking the readings that come back. However, in order to keep it level, you will need to add chemicals to it. Keeping the water balanced is essential and will prevent swimmers from experiencing skin irritation.

Clean your pool’s filter frequently.
Your pool pumps and motors are going to be working all the time to keep the water in your pool circulating. Quite a bit of water is going to make its way through your filter on any given day. By making sure that the filter is clean, you will make life easier on the pumps and motors so that they don’t have to overwork to get their job done.

Complete any pool repairs that come up right away.
As long as you are committed to taking care of your pool, you shouldn’t have any problems. But if something does come up and you need pool repair, take care of it immediately to avoid further issues. It will allow you to enjoy your pool all summer long.

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