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If your air conditioner isn’t running at full capacity, your first step should be to call a residential electrical contractor near Tampa. However, it isn’t always easy to determine when your air conditioner is in need of professional attention, or when you need a replacement part. Here are some of the most obvious signs that it’s time to call an experienced air conditioner maintenance service.

Reduced airflow. This is a simple test you can perform yourself: Put your hand up to one of your air conditioner vents and take note of how much air is coming out. If it feels as if you are getting less air than usual—or no air at all—it’s a sure sign that your air conditioner needs professional service.

Warm air. The air that comes out of your air conditioner vents should always be cool. If the air feels warm or even hot, it means that something is amiss with your unit. Don’t hesitate—call a maintenance contractor as soon as possible to ensure that your air conditioner can continue to keep your home comfortable.

Unusual noises. While all air conditioners make some degree of noise, loud or abrasive noises are a sign that something is wrong, possibly a broken or worn-out component. It’s important to shut off your air conditioner and call a professional right away; if you keep running your air conditioner, the damage could worsen—leaving you to pick up the bill.

Visible leaks. One of the surest symptoms of a broken air conditioning unit is water pooling on the floor. This problem can lead to property damage and mold growth, so you should respond to it quickly. In some cases, however, the leak may be refrigerant. This is a health hazard, so you should contact a maintenance professional immediately.

Odd smells. When in doubt, follow your nose—it can warn you of a problem that might otherwise go overlooked. An unusual odor may be a symptom of a burned-out wire, or it might mean that mold is growing inside your vents. In either case, it means that your unit needs professional service.

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