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Does your property feature an electrical boat dock? If so, then regular maintenance and repairs can be necessary for keeping the lift functioning optimally. If you notice any of the following problems, then consider calling an electrician in Tampa about boat lift repair:

The remote isn’t functioning.

One of the best parts of having an electric boat dock is the convenience that this offers. However, a functional remote is needed to get the most benefit from an electric boat lift. If your remote control causes the motor to run opposite the direction that it does when activated manually, then this means that it requires internal rewiring. If the noise comes from the contractor when you activate the remote, then the system may have low voltage and need a different wire size.

The motor doesn’t work properly.

Your boat lift’s motor plays a critical part in the dock’s function, and this component can run into several types of problems. If the lift’s motor turns on manually but not when powered on, then this can indicate a problem with the motor’s wiring and the switch. If the motor starts up, runs, but will not lift the load, then this may mean that there is a low-voltage condition that may be fixed by calling an electrician to change the wiring.

The controls are malfunctioning.

Sometimes, the controls for a boat lift may act up and cause the boat to be lifted too high. This problem can be significant and lead to damage of the lift or the boat. Malfunctioning boat lift controls can be caused by corrosion over circuit contacts or electrical malfunctions. If your lift’s controls are acting up, then contact an electrical service about repairs.

The lift isn’t functioning correctly.

Electrical boat lift wiring can be installed incorrectly or performed with an improperly sized wire. Also, wear and tear can lead to corrosion and buildup that affects the lift’s performance. If your electric boat lift isn’t working correctly, then consider calling an electrician about repairs.

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