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Residential & Commercial Installation Services

Florida is no stranger to storms with daunting rain, turbulent wind, and bolts of lightning, and we deal with hurricane season every year. Hurricanes’ violent power can down power lines and knock out your home’s power for days or weeks. Even a summer thunderstorm can ruin your weekend by taking away your lights, air conditioning, and refrigerator. Hawkins Service Company ensures your food stays unspoiled and your family stays cool in Tampa, FL with our generator installation services. Our electricians have the adept skills and proper training to connect a standby generator to your home that’s ready to provide power whenever an outage occurs. We can advise you on the right make and model for your home or business’s electrical needs, which can depend on factors like its size and typical power consumption. You can choose an option running on fuels like diesel or natural gas. We work quickly and efficiently to ensure your family or staff stays comfortable with a reliable backup power source.

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Why Do Homes & Commercial Places Need Generators?

A power outage can last a brief moment or stretch for days or weeks. Without an electricity source, your home’s vital devices and appliances are useless, including your HVAC system, lighting, electric stove or oven, freezer, and refrigerator. It doesn’t take long for the food and other perishable items to spoil, leaving you without any sustenance while you wait for power to be restored. Without a working HVAC system, your family will sweat inside from the sweltering summer heat or shiver on chilly winter nights. A standby generator will power your entire home to keep it comfortable and well-lit until your primary power source runs again. Businesses also benefit from commercial installation services to minimize any downtime and avoid an inventory loss while the electricity is out. Our affordable generator installation services protect commercial and residential clients against losing a functional home or building.

How Does a Standby Generator Work?

Standby generators connect to your home or building’s electrical system and switch on when an outage occurs. Different makes and models are available to accommodate a wide range of power needs, including options to support your entire electrical consumption, from computers and televisions to commercial HVAC systems and servers. A household typically has as many as 100 devices requiring power. With Hawkins Service Company’s commercial and residential installation services, you always have backup power. An electrical disturbance or unavailability automatically triggers a generator to start working. It uses fuel, such as diesel, to maintain production and continues to run until your primary power supply is restored. With a reliable backup energy source, your family or staff can safely carry on their daily activities with all electrical components working, including the following:

Trust Us for Professional Generator Installation Services

Installing a standby generator requires professional training and hands-on experience to ensure it’s ready to operate at any time. Hawkins Service Company’s talented electricians have the skills and expertise to complete every step of the installation process. Whether we’re providing residential or commercial generator installation services, we quickly and efficiently cover all essential tasks. The steps we complete during an installation include the following:

  1. Permits – We act on your behalf to ensure everything is in accordance with local code by acquiring any necessary permits to install a generator at your home or business.
  2. Fuel Source – Whether your generator model runs on natural gas, propane, or diesel, we set up your fuel source so that it’s ready to supply your backup power source. This step may include upgrading your fuel meter if the fuel source is natural gas or verifying an onsite liquid propane tank’s size.
  3. Automatic Transfer Switch – Our electricians install an automatic transfer switch to ensure your generator immediately starts supplying adequate power to your home or business during a power outage.
  4. Site Preparation – Before running your generator’s fuel line, conduit, and wiring, we must verify the installation site is within local requirements’ parameters.
  5. Outage Simulation – Confirming the generator works properly is essential before we consider the installation complete. Our team simulates a power outage to test the standby generator’s responsiveness.

Contact Hawkins Service Company in Tampa, FL

Since 1993, Hawkins Service Company has served local residents and businesses with exceptional HVAC, plumbing, pool repair, gas, and electrical services. Our generator installation services keep your home or building powered with a reliable electrical source whenever an outage occurs. This installation is a valuable service we gladly provide to customers living in a state known for hurricanes and lightning. If you would like to learn more about the services we offer or schedule a generator installation at your home or business, contact us today to speak with a team member.

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