Pool and Electrical Service and Repair in Tampa

Since we’re the warranty center for almost every pool equipment manufacturer, our electrical contractors work on thousands of pools in Tampa Bay each year, and have a team of trained technicians offering pool repair services, that are at the top of their profession. Why not allow us to provide pool services including pool maintenance on your pool on a weekly or bi-weekly basis? Our pool service technicians will keep your pool in great condition while keeping on an eye on your equipment to ensure proper operation and maintenance. From large commercial accounts to personal spa’s we do it all:

  • Pool Cleaning
  • Weekly Pool Service
  • Bi-weekly Pool Service
  • One Time Clean Up
  • Green to Clean
  • Pool Maintenance
  • Chemical Only Service
  • Commercial Services
  • Stain Removal

Custom service programs are available; such as weekly full service, bi-weekly full service and chemical only service.

Pool Services and Pool Maintenance Options

Weekly Full Service: Once a week service that does it all. Vacuum, Brush, Skim, Clean Tile, Balance Chemicals, Clean Baskets, Check Equipment.

Bi- Weekly Full Service: Every other week service. Vacuum, Brush, Skim, Clean Tile, Balance Chemicals, Clean Baskets, Check Equipment.

Chemical Only: Every other week service. Check and balance chemicals, empty basket, check equipment.

Hassle free pool cleaning service from industry professionals

Hawkins Service Co. offers complete pool care solutions for any size pool at competitive prices. Our pool cleaning service includes: netting, vacuuming, tile cleaning, wall brushing, checking the chemistry and pool filter cleaning, as well as many, many more pool cleaning services.

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Why Choose Us?

  • 24/7 Emergency Services Available
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  • Fast, Reliable Service
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  • Warranty Repair Services Offered