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Pool Heater & Heat Pump Repair for Tampa, FL

A broken pool heater can put a damper on your summertime fun in Tampa, FL. Especially if you notice the problem after you hop in for a relaxing dip. Cool water is nice, but ice-cold water can be a shock to the system. The quicker you seek pool heat pump and motor repair in Tampa, the sooner you can get back to enjoying your pool at a comfortable temperature. The specialists at Hawkins Service Company will be happy to help you with your pool heat pump maintenance and repair needs.

Working with a professional like Hawkins Service Company ensures you can spend more time relaxing in your backyard investment instead of staring at it longingly from the back window. If you have a gas pool heater, we will also help you install or replace the gas line correctly. If a leak occurs, you and your guests’ health could be at risk. Whether you require pool heat pump repair or you have a gas pool heater requiring attention, Hawkins Service Company is here for you when you need assistance.

Gas Pool Heater vs. Pool Heat Pump in Your Tampa Pool

No matter how you heat your pool, you can count on Hawkins Service Company to offer repairs. We understand the need for having both gas pool heaters and pool heat pumps on the market and have studied how each design works to effectively provide these repairs to get you back in the water. If you are having issues deciding which to buy for your pool, we have listed some considerations for both. We want to help give you a better understanding of what you’re buying:

Pool Heater Repair Services at Hawkins Service Company

Gas Pool Heater: The main benefit of having a gas pool heater is you can run it throughout the entire year and get the same results as long as you have the gas. This extra cost could be seen as a con depending on the price of gas. You can also run these on propane gas, which may be more affordable. So, while the upfront cost is cheaper than a pool heat pump, you will be spending more keeping it going. Another thing to think about is this option runs best in small bursts to heat the water quickly. You will have to turn it off and on to maintain the heat during your dip.

Pool Heat Pump: These heat pumps run off electricity and are safer for the environment. Pool heat pumps work for in-ground and above-ground pools. These devices take heat from the outside air and transfer it to the water. For it to work at its most efficient operation, the air should be 45 degrees or warmer. And while the initial cost may be higher, you will notice they last longer than gas ones by up to 10 years and cost less to run throughout the year on average.

Hawkins Service Company Keeps Your Pool Warm

Pool heaters have been a huge hit ever since they were introduced to pool owners. Having the option to make your pool even more comfortable is so enticing. Using a gas pool heater or pool heat pump also means you’ll get more use out of it than ever before. If your pool heater malfunctions though, you will need to seek the help of a specialist to have pool heater repairs done efficiently. Remember to work with a company who offers a warranty, so you can enjoy some added peace of mind while you lounge around the pool. Whether you need a pool heat pump repair or replacement in the Tampa area, Hawkins Service Company is the company for you!

  • Find a Specialist. You might not have the knowledge or experience to handle a pool heat pump or gas pool heater repair on your own, and that’s fine. Rather than attempting the repair yourself, you should talk to a professional. Your pool heating specialist will be sure to leave you with your equipment in proper working order once again.
  • Look for Warranties. Having your gas pool heater or pool heat pump repaired once is okay, but you don’t want to have to repeat the process too many times. It’s beneficial to find a pool repair specialist like Hawkins. We offer warranties on all repairs. You can then rest assured that your specialist will do the best he or she can and stand by his or her work.
  • Enjoy the Water. Once your pool repair specialist has fixed your heating systems, you can once again enjoy your pool water precisely the way you intend to. With your pool heat pump in better shape than ever, you can enjoy greater efficiency and convenience.

The Hawkins Service Company Experience

You’ll need to make sure you work with a qualified professional if you want to make sure your pool repair goes according to plan. At Hawkins Service Company, we aim to give our customers the best experience possible. Our team warranties its work, and it is capable of working on both pool heat pumps and gas pool heaters. If you find yourself in need of pool pump, pool heat pump, or gas pool heater repair in Tampa, please do not hesitate to call Hawkins Service Company at 813-871-6610. We will be more than happy to take care of your pool pumps, heating equipment, motors, and maintenance.

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