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A sub panel is a necessary addition to any home that runs a lot of electronics or has extra rooms with a heavy load of electrical requirements. Sub panels are often added when a garage, basement, or extra room is converted into a home theater, workshop, or home office. This type of electrical work should always be installed by a residential electrician in Tampa. This electrician should have the experience necessary to rewire these areas for their new designations and keep them protected with a sub panel addition. Let’s take a look at the advantages that come with installing a sub panel.

An electrician might add a sub panel to take the load off of the main circuit breaker panel. This can prevent overloading the electrical system and tripping circuit breakers or melting fuses.
Sub panels are also used to separate the electrical needs of specific areas. If one room—such as a home theater or home office—uses a lot of extra electricity, then a homeowner may choose to turn off the sub panel.
Subpanels also allow homeowners the opportunity to set up more electronics throughout their house without worry of overloading their other electronics.

installing sub panel