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Reliable Residential & Commercial Electrical Services

Whether you’re moving into your new home, opening your own business, renovating, or dealing with broken electrical fixtures or appliances, you need an electrical contractor you can trust. Hawkins Service Company is a reputable electrical service company for homeowners and businesses in Tampa, Florida.
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What Are the Signs of Electrical Problems?

Electrical problems in your home or business are dangerous and scary. They can damage your appliances and pose risks to your life and property. Let’s look at common signs that indicate you are having electrical problems:
  • Flickering Lights / Lighting That Is Too Bright or Dim–If you notice flickering lights or lights that are too bright or dim, it could mean that your main power panel has technical problems.
  • Burning Smell–If you smell something burning, it could be a sign that your electrical system is heating up. Take immediate action to avoid the risk of fire.
  • Tripping Circuit Breaker–A tripping circuit breaker means your home is protected, but it also means there are too many high-power-consuming items drawing power from the same source.
  • Electrical Shocks–You may experience mild electrical shocks when touching a metal object. This indicates that your appliance has an electrical problem or you’re having issues with your wiring.
There are a lot of troubleshooting tips that you can find on the internet. But it’s better to be safe than sorry. Consult an experienced and knowledgeable electrical contractor to ensure your home or business’ safety.

Reasons to Have Your Residential Electrical Checked

You may only think about having your electrical system checked when a problem arises. Letting your electrical systems break down can be dangerous. Conducting a regular electrical inspection is very important and can be a lifesaver. Aside from protecting yourself from potential fire, a regular electrical inspection also helps you save money by keeping your system efficient and helping you avoid electrical malfunctions.

Our experienced electrical contractors recommend having your electrics checked every five years. If you need someone to check your electrical wiring, call Hawkins Service Company today!

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Electrical Services We Offer in Tampa, FL

Since 1993, Hawkins Service Company has provided thousands of Florida residents with the best electrical services. Here is a list of all the electrical services we proudly offer:
  • Going Green–Hawkins Service Company is proudly going green! We offer alternative energy sources and energy conservation services.
  • Home Automation–Take control and smarten up your home with our custom home automation services.
  • Commercial Wiring–If you need someone to update your building’s wiring or repair your business’ electric supply, Hawkins Service Company is here to provide commercial wiring services for you.
  • Home Theater Installation–Enjoy watching your favorite movie with a home theater! We provide quick and efficient home theater installation for your dream home setup.
  • Electric Vehicle Chargers–We install state-of-the-art electric vehicle chargers for homeowners and businesses.
  • Service Upgrades–Have you added something new to your home and noticed your lights flickering? It’s time to call our electrical contractors for an electrical service upgrade.
  • Ground Fault Circuits–Protect your equipment and appliances with ground fault circuits.
  • Sub Panels–If your old electrical panels don’t have room for new circuits, contact our experienced electrical contractors for electrical sub panels installation.
  • Security Lighting–Keep your business and property safe with our security lighting installation service.
  • Heat Pump Circuits–Relax in your fully functioning spa with our heat pump circuits installation and repair service.
  • Outdoor Kitchen Wiring–Entertain your guests and enjoy a grilling meal with the help of your outdoor kitchen wiring installation and repair.
  • Landscape Lighting–Have stylish landscape lighting with our exceptional lighting arrangements.
  • Generator Repair–No one wants a broken-down generator, especially during hurricane season. Our team provides reliable generator repair for Tampa, Florida residents.
  • Generator Service–From generator installation to repairs, we’ve got you covered with our top-notch generator service.
  • Parking Lot Lighting–From a small office parking lot to a mall parking lot, we offer parking lot lighting installation, repair, replacement, and management.
  • Office Lighting–Whether you need more light, need less light, or opt for LED lighting, we offer customized office lighting services fit for every business owner’s needs.
  • Spa Circuits–Proper spa circuit wiring and installation is crucial. We offer exceptional spa circuit services for your spa.
  • Emergency Electrical–Having electrical problems in the middle of the night? Hawkins Service Company provides 24/7 emergency electrical services.
  • Surge Protection–Protect your computer or TV with our surge protection service.
  • Ceiling Fan–We install ceiling fans to any ceiling height.
  • Generator Installs–Be ready during the hurricane season with our generator installation service.
  • Outdoor Outlets–Enjoy the convenience of powering up everything you need when you’re outside with our outdoor outlet installation service.
  • Outdoor Flood Lights–Enjoy the benefits of having an outdoor flood light during hurricane season. We offer outdoor flood light installation and repair.
  • Cable, Data, and Phone–We provide cable, data, and phone system installation and repair.

Talent, Experience, and Understanding

From ceiling fans to generator installation, our electrical contractors have the talent, experience, and understanding to ensure your installation is flawless and designed for long-term performance. Call us today for an appointment.
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