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Pool Repairing Services in Tampa, FL

Call on Hawkins Service Company for Reliable Pool Repair

When you need pool repair services in the Tampa, FL area, the pool professionals at Hawkins Service Company can help! Our team has been proudly selling and servicing all brands of swimming pool equipment for around two decades, and we are trusted by all the major manufacturers to provide warranty services. We sell and service Pentair, Jandy, Zodiac, Hayward, and Aquacal, to name a few. Our pool pros understand that pool pumps, pool heaters, and pool filters all contribute to a safe and enjoyable swimming experience. Our services include sales and repair of pool heat pumps, gas heaters, filter pumps, filters, lighting, and much more. Call today or stop by to see how we can enhance your pool experience through our stellar solutions.

Our Specialists Can Repair Your Pool Equipment in No Time

No one knows more about residential and commercial pool equipment than Hawkins. We have years of experience, and thousands of parts in-stock to meet any repair or replacement need. No matter the scope of your pool’s repair needs, we have what it takes to rectify the situation transparently and cost-effectively. Some of the swimming pool equipment we can help our Tampa customers with include the following:

Gas heaters

Swimming pool heaters are the most complicated piece of pool equipment associated with your pools system. Because gas pool heaters utilize potentially hazardous natural gas or LP (liquid propane), heater repairs should only be carried out by professionals. Rely on our team to diagnose any problems going on with your pool’s gas heater to ensure you and those using your pool stay safe.

Heat pumps

If you’re dealing with a heat pump that is performing poorly or not at all, call our pool experts right away. A malfunctioning heat pump is a sure indication that your pump needs repairs. Failing to rectify your pool’s heat pump issue will cause your entire pool environment to suffer, so it’s best to reach out to our professionals before this issue has a domino effect on your pool.

Automation systems

Automation systems for your pool are an innovation all pool owners can get excited about. Gone are the days of needing to go outside to the equipment and trying to decipher which valve to turn. You now have the opportunity to control your system from the comfort of your own home from a wireless remote or smartphone. That is until things go awry. When this happens, our team has the experience and knowledge needed to get your automation system up and running again.


Every Floridian loves a good night swim, but this is a challenging pastime to enjoy in complete darkness. Safety quickly becomes a huge concern, and you want to make sure there is sufficient lighting around your pool, so everyone can see where they are walking. Our team has ample experience installing and repairing pool lighting of all kinds and can come up with the solutions needed to repair your pool’s lighting, so you can get back to enjoying your pool even when the sun goes down.


If your pool timer stops functioning correctly, there are many potential issues it could be facing. Whether your timer is missing its timer pins, has been set incorrectly, isn’t getting adequate power, or has become defective, our team can diagnose the issue and provide the repairs necessary to fix the problem.


Your pool’s filter is one of the main components making sure your pool functions properly. When your filter stops doing its job efficiently, your pool may fall victim to algae or cloudy water. If you notice any signs that your pools filter needs repaired or replaced, the team at Hawkins Service Company will come to the rescue so you can enjoy swimming once again.


When your pool’s pump runs into issues, you’ll know. A malfunctioning pool pump will cause everything else on your pool’s equipment pad to stop working as well. As the heart of your pool’s circulation system, it is crucial to ensure your pump is working optimally. When your pool pump isn’t performing as it should, our team can dissect the issue and perform the necessary repairs to rectify the problem.


Pool valves are used to control the direction of water flow to and from the pool, as well as in and out of the equipment. Without this essential process, your pool will suffer. Luckily, our pool pros have over 100 years of combined experience repairing and replacing pool valves, and we’re confident we can provide the same exemplary service to your pool.

Chlorination systems

Making sure your pool has the right amount of chlorine is essential. This is because chlorine is used to destroy disease-causing organisms in water, as well as combating things like bacteria, molds, slime, and algae. Additionally, too much chlorine in your pool can be harmful to human skin, causing rashes, eye irritation, and more. Our team can rectify this situation quickly, so you and your family can utilize your pool safely.

Salt systems

Salt systems have gained popularity in the past decade, and we’ve worked with our fair share. Instead of using chemicals that are added to a pool, salt systems use chemistry to convert salt into chlorine. This innovation is said to be less irritating to the skin, and do not give off a chlorine smell like traditional systems. The catch? Failing to maintain your salt system properly will indefinitely compromise the comfort and safety of your pool. Don’t let your pool become unusable due to improper maintenance. Our team can perform all the services needed to ensure your pool is ready for use year-round.

Variable Speed Pool Pumps in Tampa, FL

Noticing Issues with Your Pool Pump? We Can Help!

If you begin noticing issues with your pool pump, contact our team right away. There are a few, easily fixable things we can check to diagnose the problem and ensure your pool’s system is running at peak performance. Below, we have listed some of the most common issues we see our Tampa customers struggle with concerning pool pump malfunctions:

  • The pump won’t stay on: A pool pump that won’t stay on is most likely suffering from a damaged capacitor. Pool pumps that will run but won’t stay on may have either clogged vents or aren’t receiving enough power. In some cases, intense sunlight can cause your pool pump to overheat. Our team can install a cover to protect your pump if this is the case.
  • The pump is leaking water: Leaking pool pumps are usually suffering from faulty impeller housing O-ring, a bad seal, or worn threads. Contact our team so we can examine your pump and replace any worn seals or threads.
  • The pump is very loud: Extremely loud noises from your pump indicates a problem. Vibration or rattling can be caused by an improperly sized or clogged pump and cannot draw in enough water. Loud screeching noises let pool owners know that there is a need for replacement bearings inside the pump.
  • The pump has an air leak: Although small leaks are common, larger air leaks will cause your pump to have trouble circulating water through your pool. Air leaks are often due to worn or ill-fitting parts, which can be quickly addressed by your pool service.

The Benefits of Variable Speed Pool Pumps

Traditional single-speed pool pumps are continually running at full capacity, even when you don’t need them to. Unlike older models, variable speed pool pumps can be programmed to operate at different levels of energy, depending on whether you need them to circulate water or run your pool cleaner. Upgrading to a variable speed pool pump can yield the following benefits:

  • Saving money on your pool bill: If your electricity bills suddenly seem unusually high, an outdated pool pump may be to blame. Variable speed pool pumps are up to 90 times more efficient than traditional single-speed pumps, which means they can significantly lower the amount of money you spend on your pool.
  • Conserving energy: If you have a single-speed pool pump, it likely consumes more energy than all of your other appliances, including your washing machine and dishwasher. Using a variable speed pool pump can reduce your annual energy use by as much as 70 percent.
  • Longer lifespan: Since variable speed pool pumps use less energy than single-speed pumps, they also don’t wear down as quickly. Additionally, they are much quieter and less noticeable than traditional pool pumps.

Contact Our Team Today for A Free Estimate!

No matter what type of repairs your pool call for, the seasoned team at Hawkins Service Company can assist. With so many years of experience under our belts, there’s not much we haven’t seen. Rely on us for quick repairs, fair prices, and unrivaled customer service. A pool is a big investment. And as Tampa, FL’s premier choice for pool equipment installations and repairs, we look forward to helping you get the most out of your investment. Contact us today for more information or to request a free estimate.

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