A Look at Common Pool Equipment Problems and Their Causes

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If you and your family members love to spend time in your backyard pool, it is important to make sure that your pool remains in inviting condition for all of your recreational activities. Pool pumps and motors require special maintenance in order to remain operational throughout the years and seasons. When you notice that your pool is having a pool pump problem, do not hesitate to schedule professional pool repair in Tampa. To help you keep your pool in fabulous shape, here is a closer look at some of the most common pool equipment problems.

Failing Pool Pump

Your pool pump is designed to circulate and filter all of the water that enters your swimming pool. In the event that your pool pump fails, your pool water will quickly become dirty and discolored. Many times, pool pump failure is due to a loose connection. Your pool technician can check the connection between the pool pump and its power source to make sure that it has not loosened.

Poor Water Filtration

The pool pump is also a key part of your pool’s overall filtration system. If you are starting to notice lots of leaves, debris, or algae in your pool, you may be facing a pool filter issue. Fortunately, a pool filtration problem is typically easy to solve. Your technician can restore your filter by replacing the filtration cartridge. With a new cartridge, your pool filter should have no problem cleaning out the water in your pool.

Broken Pool Heater

A pool’s heater keeps the pool water at a comfortable temperature, throughout every season of the year. When your pool heater breaks, your pool may be too cold for comfortable swimming. Your pool heater issue may be caused by a problem in the thermostat. Resetting the thermostat may return the pool heater to full functionality. No matter what issue is going wrong with your pool equipment, you can trust that your pool technician will be able to diagnose and solve the problem.