Choosing a Pool Heat Pump With Good Energy Efficiency

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Heat pumps are highly-efficient pool heaters offering exceptional comfort at low cost throughout the year. When choosing a heat pump pool heater for your Tampa pool, it’s important to evaluate the energy efficiency and capacity of the models you are considering. Heat pumps move heat, rather than generate it, which contributes to their efficiency. The capacity of a heat pump to move heat is rated in BTUs. You’ll want to choose a heat pump capable of delivering the amount of heat you need to keep your pool water at a comfortable temperature, even on cooler days. Heat pump pool heater efficiency is measured by a value called the coefficient of performance, or COP. A heater with a higher COP offers greater energy efficiency, which reduces the energy usage of the pump by converting more energy into heat. However, it’s important to note that the COP is not a standard rating, so the way in which COP is measured may differ from brand to brand. If you have questions about finding a heat pump pool heater with the right capacity and efficiency, your pool service can help you make the right choice.

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