Exploring Popular Pool Upgrades
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Exploring Popular Pool Upgrades

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Your pool should suit your preferences in terms of both aesthetics and functionality. Especially if your pool is older or was installed before you bought your home, upgrading this feature is a great way to increase its value and the overall value of your property. Today, there are several popular pool upgrades available to homeowners looking to improve their pool, from customizable lighting and heating systems to more efficient and energy-saving pool pumps and motors in Tampa.

Water Features

Water features such as fountains and waterfalls are one of the most popular and appealing pool upgrades. Installing a water feature can transform your pool from a simple functional feature into a luxurious and beautiful outdoor living space. Water features can be completely customized to match the look and feel of your pool, from sleek waterfalls and water walls to Old World-style fountains and tumbled stone waterways.


Good lighting plays a vital part in both the look and the safety of your pool. Modern pool lighting options include low-profile and energy-saving LED pool lights, which offer bright customizable light output without hotspots or large light fixtures. If you’re looking for a purely aesthetic improvement, bubbler or color-changing lights can turn your pool into a customized landscape that makes swimming or relaxing more fun and comfortable.


Pool automation systems make maintaining your pool easy and more efficient, eliminating much of the work associated with pool ownership. By opting to automate your pool equipment, lighting, and other systems, you can enjoy everything your pool has to offer with as little effort as possible. Pool automation can even reduce energy, water, and chemical waste, ultimately reducing the costs associated with owning and maintaining your pool.

Salt Systems

In the past, adding high levels of chlorine to pool water was the only way to keep it clear and clean. Today, saltwater pools are gaining popularity due to their convenience and comfort. Adding a salt system to your pool will drastically reduce the amount of chlorine in the water, which will improve your swimming experience if you are particularly sensitive to chlorine.

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