Is Your Electrical Panel Safe?

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If you’re worried about the safety of any lighting or residential electric components in your home, you should always consult a professional residential electrician in Tampa. You should never attempt electrical services or repairs on your own, as it is very dangerous to your health and safety. Here are some simple ways that you can tell if your residential electrical panel is safe.

Was Your Home Built Between 1950 and 1990?

Many homes that were built between 1950 and 1990 have either a Federal Pacific or Zinsco electrical panels. Both of these residential electric panels are outdated and unsafe. Since the 1980s, many tests and studies have been done on Federal Pacific panels, and it has been determined that one in four are faulty or defective. Zinsco panels also fail to operate correctly most of the time and can subject homeowners to electric shock, and increase your risk of an electrical fire in your home.

Do You Have a Federal Pacific Electrical Panel?

Federal Pacific was the most common manufacturer of residential electrical panels between 1950 and 1980. Residential electricians and home inspectors have since found that these electrical panels can overheat and become fire hazards. You are at a higher risk of danger if your panel contains Stab-Lok circuit breakers. Check your home’s breaker box to see if it has the Federal Pacific name on it. Stab-Lok circuit breakers have a signature red strip that runs down the front of each breaker switch. If you have a Federal Pacific panel or Stab-Lok breakers, contact a residential electrician in your area for an inspection.

Do You Have a Zinsco Electrical Panel?

Zinsco electrical panels are now obsolete, but years ago, they were routinely installed in houses across the country. Residential electricians and home inspectors have determined that Zinsco panels can cause fires and electrical shocks. They can also quickly overheat and melt. If your breaker box has the Zinsco name on it, you should call a residential electrical contractor for residential electrical services.

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