Keeping Your Pool Pump In Ideal Condition
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Keeping Your Pool Pump in Ideal Condition

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Your pool has many essential parts that work together to keep your pool water clean, but none of them are more important than your pool pump. When pool pumps & motors is not maintained properly, you could put your entire pool at risk and cause damage to other parts of it. Avoid pool repair in Tampa by taking care of your pool pump. Here are several things to keep in mind with regards to your pump.

Clean Out Your Pump and the Surrounding Area on a Regular Basis.

Because your pool pump is located outdoors, it will attract a lot of debris. Algae, cobwebs, leaves, dirt, and other items will surround it. It’s important for you to sweep the area around the pump whenever you notice it getting messy. This will prevent clogs from taking place in your pool system.

Check Your Pump for Leaks, Broken Seals, and Other Signs of Damage.

Do you notice damp spots on your pump or the area surrounding it at the end of every day? If so, you may have a small leak that could grow over time. The good news is that you can repair it right away and stop it from turning into an even larger issue.

Monitor the Pressure Gauge Attached to Your Pump and Backwash When Necessary.

There is not a standard pressure level that you should look for. Instead, keep an eye out for any sudden changes. If the pressure spikes 10 PSI one day, it may mean that you need to clean your filter or backwash your pool. Failure to do so could cause your pool’s pipes to burst and result in a huge mess for you to clean up.

Listen Out for Any Unusual Noises Coming From Your Pool Pump’s Motors.

Your pool pump is going to make some noise on a daily basis. This is normal. However, if you suddenly hear it making loud or high-pitched noises, this could indicate a problem with the motor. You can call a residential electrical company that takes care of pool pumps & motors to fix the problem.


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