Pool Heater Installations For The Colder Seasons
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Pool Heater Installations for the Colder Seasons

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Tampa is blessed with warm weather all year long. That said, the winters do get a bit cooler than the summers, and homeowners have to make adjustments accordingly. The temperature has even been known to dip below freezing once every few years. Fortunately, you can keep your pool a comfortable place to swim no matter what the weather is like; all you have to do is install a heating system. Here are some important installations that your Tampa pool company can provide you with.

Heat Pump

Heat pumps are a very popular choice in the Florida area because they simply transfer the warmth from the surrounding air into your pool, making them extremely efficient for energy purposes. A heat pump will thoroughly heat the water across your entire pool and keep it warm. However, heat pumps work more slowly than other types of pool heaters. They are more expensive to install but generally more cost-effective to use than other heaters.

Gas Heater

A gas-powered heater keeps your swimming pool warm by channeling water through a heat exchanger. Gas heaters are probably the most inexpensive choice of heater for your pool, but they do not last as long as some other heaters. They are extremely reliable heaters that can be programmed to provide you with warm water whenever you need it. Whatever type of heater you opt for, however, it’s essential that you have it installed by a skilled professional.


Hiring a team of professional electricians to handle the wiring in your pool is one of the most important aspects of professional pool heating installation. Wiring is what ties everything together—including the pool lighting, pool pump, and pool heater—so it needs to be done correctly. To ensure your safety—and the safety of anybody who uses your swimming pool—it’s always important to have your wiring professionally installed.

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