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Preventative Maintenance Tips for Your Boat Lift

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Like cars, boats are major investments costing thousands of dollars. However, unlike cars, boats can spend a lot of time in the water, which means they are barraged by waves and harmed by corrosive salts. That’s why a boat lift is crucial. But while your boat lift is protecting your boat, what’s looking out for your lift? To keep it working in tiptop shape for years to come, be sure to have a regular maintenance program established. If you need help or are having issues, contact a reputable professional who specializes in boat lift repair and dock lighting near Tampa.

Routinely Inspect Your Boat Lift

Whether you own a hydro-pneumonic boat lift or a cable one, your lift needs to be routinely inspected to ensure that it’s in good working order. Check to see that all nuts and bolts are tightened and that parts are properly fastened together. Take note of things that are worn out or damaged, and replace parts when necessary. Make sure electrical components are working, especially if you have an electric boat dock too. When in doubt, hire an electrician to perform a diagnostic check.

Lubricate a Cable Lift’s Moving Parts

For cable lifts, use a marine-grade grease to lubricate bearings and pulleys. This task should be done every six months or so. Motors and their parts should be oiled using an anti-corrosion lubricant at least twice a year, depending on use. Cables should be sprayed lubricated every so often. If frayed or broken cables are detected, a boat lift repair technician should be contacted immediately.

Occasionally Rinse Your Boat Lift

All boat lifts are made from metal parts, which means that they’re susceptible to corrosion if left submerged in saltwater for long periods of time. When feasible, raise your boat lift out of the water and rinse it with fresh or distilled water. The more you rinse your lift, the longer it will last.

Operate Your Lift During the Offseason

Just because the boating season is over doesn’t mean you should retire your boat lift until next season. Leaving your lift idle can cause it to become stiff and dirty. Therefore, you should run your lift frequently—i.e. a minute in each direction every week or a couple of weeks—to keep its moving parts properly lubricated and clean.


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