Recognizing the Signs of Common Pool Problems

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Pools often require a delicate balance of chemicals, pool pump maintenance, and attention to detail while cleaning. If these factors are neglected, or your pool becomes overworked and damaged, you may experience some of these common problems and pool repairs near Tampa.

Your Pool Has More Debris Than Normal.

You should always have a cover over your pool to keep as much debris out as possible. If you do not have a cover, or you notice your pool has been collecting more debris than usual, check your filter. Depending on the filter you have, it may need to be cleaned out or replaced every year or so. Keep your pool clean regularly to extend the life of your filter and avoid a filter repair or replacement sooner than you need.

You Are Continually Adding More Water.

It is normal for pool water to evaporate a little, especially in the summer. However, if you are adding water every day, even during the fall and winter months, then you may have a pool problem. If your water level is continually falling, then it is a sign you may have a leak in your pool’s plumbing. Your pool technician should check the pool’s plumbing right away. By continually adding fresh water, the chemicals will become off-balance, and eventually, you may have a bigger problem with your pool’s sanitization.

Your Pool Water Is Cloudy.

There may be a time in your pool’s lifetime that the water will be cloudy, either throughout the entire pool or in one section. This is one of the clearest signs you may need pool repair. The cloudy water is an indication that the pool water’s chemistry is off-balance, and the water may not be safe to swim in. If you do not clean your pool consistently, then get on a strict regimen as soon as possible. If the cloudy water does not clear up, then consult your pool repair company about a possible filtration or plumbing problem. You may need to rework the chemical consistency, as well.