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Signs That You Need Air Conditioner Service

From Your HVAC Experts in Tampa, FL

If your home’s air conditioner is not running at full capacity, your first step should be to call Hawkins Service Company in Tampa, FL. It’s not always easy for homeowners to know when their HVAC system requires professional attention or when it needs a replacement part. Our experienced experts specialize in residential HVAC and commercial HVAC services. You can count on us for AC repair and more to keep your family cool and comfortable throughout the year. Learn more about some common signs that you need air conditioning service.

10 Signs You Need HVAC Service

It’s easy to suspect that you might have a problem with your air conditioner, but we want you to know ten specific signs to watch out for. Check them out:

  1. Reduced Airflow – Sometimes, reduced airflow is obvious, but other times you’ll want to test it out. Put your hand next to one of the vents to see if it feels like enough air is coming out compared to usual.
  2. Unusual Noises – All working HVAC units make some noise, but hearing loud or abrasive sounds is not normal. If you hear these noises, shut off your air conditioner right away and give us a call.
  3. Warm Air – Air conditioners are supposed to cool air, so something is wrong if warm air is coming out.
  4. Visible Leaks – Water pooling on the floor around your HVAC unit is a sure sign that something is wrong. Leaks can cause property damage and mold growth. Leaking refrigerant can also be a health hazard.
  5. Odd Smells – Unusual odors coming from your air conditioner could be burned-out wires, mold inside your vents, or other problems.
  6. Frequent Cycles – Air conditioners should have relatively routine cooling cycles. If it begins to cycle on and off constantly, you might have a problem. A tune-up could solve this issue.
  7. High Humidity – Tampa has high humidity levels, but your air conditioner should not cause high humidity in your home. If you notice unusual humidity in your house, be sure to contact us.
  8. Thermostat Not Working – As the command center of your system, the thermostat is a critical component of your HVAC system. Problems with your thermostat could indicate more significant issues.
  9. High Electricity Bill – If your electricity bill keeps going up, you may have a problem with your heating and cooling system. Our team can perform repairs and maintenance to help you enjoy lower bills.
  10. Old HVAC Unit – If your home’s air conditioner is at least ten years old, it’s likely time to have it replaced so you don’t spend too much money on frequent repairs. Newer air conditioners are more energy-efficient to save you money and keep you cool.

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Don’t put off scheduling air conditioning service because some of the issues we mentioned can become larger, more expensive problems if you ignore them. Hawkins Service Company offers comprehensive HVAC services, in addition to electrical, pool services, gas, plumbing, and more. We’re the team to call if you’ve been searching for an “air conditioner in Tampa” or “AC repair serving Tampa.” Contact us today to schedule an appointment and request a free estimate.

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