Signs You Could Benefit From Pool Pump Repair or Replacement

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Are you wondering if the swimming pool issue that you’re having could be the result of a pool pump problem? If so, then the following are a few signs that could mean you would benefit from pool pump repair services in Tampa

Your Pool Pump Makes Loud Noises When It Runs.

While you shouldn’t expect your pump to run silently, loud or unusual sounds are a good indication that the unit isn’t working properly. If your pool pump is clogged and unable to draw in enough water, this can cause it to rattle or vibrate, and using a pump that isn’t the right size for your pool can also cause these symptoms. Screeching sounds coming from the device can mean that its bearings need to be replaced.

Your Pool Pump Keeps Shutting Off.

If your pool pump refuses to start or shuts down frequently, then this can mean that it has a damaged capacitor and will require pump repair. Other causes of a pump that won’t stay on are clogged vents or an insufficient supply of power. Finally, if your pump is exposed to intense sunlight, this may cause it to overheat and shut down.

Your Pool Pump Isn’t Cycling Through Much of Your Pool’s Water.

It isn’t uncommon for a pool pump to have small air leaks, and these won’t have a significant impact on the function of the unit. However, larger air leaks can make it difficult for the pump to circulate through your pool’s water. If it seems like your pool pump isn’t doing its job, then contact a pool repair service about replacing any damaged, worn down, or poorly fitting parts that may be causing this problem.

Your Pool Pump Is Leaking Water.

Have you noticed that there is water accumulating around your pool pump? If so, then this may be due to a leak in the system. Your pool service provider can check for and replace any damaged parts or worn-down threads that may be causing the pool pump to leak water.

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