The Homeowner’s Guide to Heat Pump Pool Heaters

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You have plenty of options when it comes to keeping your pool water nice and comfortable, and one of them is a heat pump. This kind of pool pump in Tampa can heat your water efficiently, so you can stop worrying about spending too much money on your energy bills and enjoy your pool with your family. Knowing how heat pumps operate prepares you to troubleshoot and fix any problems you might come across, and knowing the difference between different types helps you choose the right one for your needs. Call your pool pump professional when you’re ready to have yours installed, and keep reading for a look at the homeowner’s guide to heat pump pool heaters.

Heat Pump Operation

Heat pumps can warm up your home or your pool, but they don’t do so by actually generating heat. Instead, they harness heat and move it from place to place. Your pool pump, filter, and heat pump heater will all work in conjunction when heating up your pool water. The fan of the heat pump heater moves air from the outside over the evaporator coil, where liquid refrigerant takes it in and turns into a gas. The gas moves through the compressor and increases the heat before making its way through the condenser. Then it heats up the water, which will go back into the pool.

Choosing the Right Heat Pump

Not all heat pumps are right for the same application and not all pool pumps are right for your pool. Your goal should be to find a heat pump that is affordable, efficient and the right size for your needs. Sizing can be tricky because there are many factors to consider, but your pool pump professional can help you make the right decision. You can measure the efficiency in terms of COP, or coefficient of performance, and you should think about potential savings in addition to the upfront cost of your heat pump.

Heat Pump Installation

The better your heat pump is installed, the more efficient it stands to be. Talk to your pool pump professional about installing and maintaining your heat pump.

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