Top Reasons to Install a Pool Heater This Season

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A pool is an excellent long-term investment for your home, providing the perfect space for relaxation, socialization, and physical activity. However, even in the warm Florida climate, there are several months during the year when an unheated pool is too cold for comfortable use. Installing a pool heater as part of your existing pool automation system in Tampa can increase the usability and inherent value of your pool for years to come.

Increased Usability

When you own a pool, you deserve the ability to swim whenever you want. However, this ability can be affected by several outside factors, the largest of which is the weather. When the weather outside is cool, it’s difficult for the sun to keep your pool at an optimal temperature for swimming. Every month you cannot use your pool because the water temperature isn’t comfortable is a month that you are paying to maintain a feature that’s not providing the returns you want. A pool heater allows you to customize the temperature of your swimming pool throughout the year, increasing its functionality by keeping the water warm for use regardless of the amount of sun or the temperature outside. When you install a pool heater as part of your pool equipment package, you’ll enjoy a pool that is comfortable and usable every day of the year.

Improved Versatility

A pool heater can increase not only the functionality of your pool but also its versatility as well. The ability to warm your pool to any temperature allows you to use this feature for hydrotherapy, which offers physical and mental benefits over the short and long term. Hydrotherapy is the use of water to treat various conditions, from sore muscles to chronic arthritis pain. During hydrotherapy, the body is submerged in warm water to promote relaxation, pain relief, improved circulation, and healing. A pool heater can turn your pool into a private hydrotherapy spa, allowing you to take advantage of the resource right in your own backyard for better physical and mental health.

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