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If you live in Tampa, FL where air conditioning is a necessity, you’ve likely heard the acronym HVAC. The air conditioner experts at Hawkins Service Company want to help you learn more about HVAC, answering your questions about what it is and what it stands for, and more. We specialize in commercial and residential HVAC services, including air conditioning repair, replacement, maintenance, and inspections. Learn more about our services and get in touch with us today to schedule an appointment or request a free estimate.

What Does HVAC Stand For?

The acronym HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. The HVAC system regulates and moves air throughout your home or commercial building. The term HVAC is a catch-all term and is easier than saying heating and air conditioning. You may also hear the terms residential HVAC and commercial HVAC.


FAQ about HVAC may just sound like a bunch of jumbled letters, but our team wants to answer your frequently asked questions about heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. Check the answers to some of the questions we often receive about HVAC services:

What is an HVAC system?

The question of what is HVAC is relatively straightforward to answer. Your HVAC system provides heating and cooling to your residential or commercial building. HVAC system refers to all the components of your heating and air conditioner.

How does my HVAC system work, and what are the major components?

Your HVAC system is likely one of the most complicated systems in your home. Learn a bit more about the parts you should be familiar with:

  • Air Return – The starting point of your ventilation sucks in air and then draws it through the filter before it passes into the main system.
  • Filter – The air is drawn through the filter to keep the air in your home clean and healthy. Be sure to change your filters regularly.
  • Ducts – The channels in which cooled or heated air passes through. Be sure to have ducts cleaned from time to time.
  • Exhaust Outlets – This component expels the exhaust created by the heating system.
  • Compressor – Part of your outdoor unit that converts refrigerant from gas to liquid and sends it to the system’s coils.
  • Outdoor Unit – This part of your HVAC system houses the fan, which provides airflow.
  • Coils – Typically part of the outdoor unit, the coils cool the air with help from the refrigerant.
  • Blower – This component draws in warm air through the main part of your system.
  • Electrical Elements – Problems often originate in the electrical elements. You may be able to solve them easily by checking the breaker or adding new batteries to your thermostat.

What is the difference between air conditioning and HVAC?

Air conditioning is included in HVAC, but the terms are often used interchangeably.

What types of air conditioners are there?

Your home or business may have one of many different types of air conditioning systems. Types of HVAC systems include split systems, hybrid heat pumps, ductless mini-split systems, ducted mini-split systems, packed systems, and more.

HVAC Experts in Florida

Now that you know more about HVAC, it’s time to schedule service from Hawkins Service Company. We offer air conditioning repairs, replacements, inspections, maintenance, tune-ups, and more in Tampa. Contact us today to get your free estimate.