What to Expect During Your Commercial Pool Inspection

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Keeping your commercial pool in good condition is important for ensuring people’s safety. Are you wondering if you may need commercial pool repair in Tampa ? If so, then scheduling a safety inspection can alert you to problems that may be present in the system. The following are a few of the things that you can expect to be checked during the inspection:

Pool Electrical Safety

Preventing electrical shock for swimmers in your commercial swimming pool is essential. Swimming pool lights, wrongly wired equipment, improperly installed junction boxes, and poorly bonded metallic elements are all potential electrical hazards that will be checked for.

Commercial Pool Equipment Bonding

Electrical bonding and grounding are important elements of a safe pool. During the inspection, the inspector will check the pool pump, pool motor, heaters, lights, and any other components that rely on electricity for proper grounding and bonding.

Commercial Swimming Pool Water Quality

Maintaining the right balance of chemicals in your pool can be critical for keeping it safe for swimmers. During the pool safety inspection, things like calcium hardness, pH, chlorine, cyanuric acid, and total alkalinity will be tested for proper levels.

Commercial Pool Drain Cover Safety

All operating public pools are required to have drain covers over every drain and grate that meet specific safety regulations. Also, if the pool has only one drain that can be blocked, then the drain should be disabled or outfitted with an additional anti-entrapment system.

ADA Lift Compliance

Regulations that were adopted by the Department of Justice in 2010 under the Americans with Disabilities Act describe specific accessibility requirements for newly constructed or altered public wading pools, swimming pools, and spas. The inspector will ensure that your pool is in compliance with ADA lift regulations for recreational pools.

Swimming Pool Gravity Feed Systems

Finally, your commercial pool’s functional gravity feed system, which is important for preventing drowning by suction entrapment, will be inspected. Gravity feed systems are the only 100% successful and approved method for preventing suction entrapment, and the inspector may recommend pool repairs if this safety system isn’t functioning properly.