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One of the many perks of living in Tampa is the abundance of scenic waterfront real estate, where homeowners can take advantage of easy water access with their own private docks. If you are enjoying the iconic Florida lifestyle in a waterfront home in Tampa, you probably know that docks and boat lifts can require their fair share of maintenance. With the expert electrical services of Hawkins Service Co., you can keep your residential dock in great shape and add extra convenience with automated control. Here’s a closer look at what we have to offer for your boat lift and dock maintenance and repair.


Licensed Repair Services

Between salt water, nearly endless sunshine, and intense seasonal weather, docks and boat lifts can take significant damage. Along with regular wear and tear, the need for professional repairs may arise. Our team of licensed contractors have been serving the Tampa area for more than 20 years, and we can keep your boat lift functioning smoothly to minimize lost time on the water.

Leading Brands

Hawkins Service Company only uses the leading brands in the industry to ensure lifelong performance and efficiency. GEM Remotes offer powerful control for residential boat lifts with the quality of local Florida manufacturing. Hawkins also carries TEC Remotes, which range from no-frills single-motor designs to powerful heavy-duty controls for four-motor systems.

Convenient Add-Ons

When you seek dock and boat lift repair with Hawkins Service Co., you can find a number of other electrical services to make your setup more convenient and functional. Here’s a look at some of the services you might add on for your boat lift to enhance your life by the water.

Boat Lift Installations, Repairs & Installations – With our safe & trouble-free boatlift electrical installation services, Hawkins Service Company provides everything you need to ensure your boats and watercrafts are stored salt-free and safely out of the water.
Dock lighting – Whether your intention is to add to the aesthetic value of your dock or to create an environment that’s safe and secure, Hawkins Service Company provides superior marine-grade and salt-water tolerant dock lighting options.
Boat Lift Remotes, Gem Remotes & TEC Remotes – Hawkins Service Company helps to make your boating and docking experience easier and more convenient by providing boatlift remote control options from the leading boat lift control system manufacturers.
Complete Dock and Marine Wiring – Hawkins Service Company is your Tampa Bay boat dock wiring and electrical expert. Unsafe dock and boat lift wiring can be a life-threatening hazard and requires a Certified Electrician with marine wiring experience. Contact us today for your boat dock electrical upgrade, repair or replacement needs.
Shore Power & Marine Power Pedestals – Get the most out of your dock experience by adding a shore power electrical system or power pedestal. Our trained and certified Electricians are proud to provide repairs and installations of circuit-breaker-protected shore power systems and power pedestals to the Tampa Bay market.

Underwater Lights & Snook Lights – Underwater dock lights, or “Snook Lights,” create a new and illuminated atmosphere around your dock and are excellent at attracting fish. We handle all Tampa underwater lighting system installations and repairs so that our customers can sit back, relax and enjoy!
Landscape lighting – To enhance your property and make the area more appealing when the sun goes down, you might incorporate landscape lighting with Hawkins. We can help you choose the right design and set up the electrical wiring for your outdoor lighting to boost your property value and light up the waterfront.
Remote motors – Remote motors installed and repaired with Hawkins Service Company can help you get on the water with ease and add more convenience to your boating. With water-resistant, floating remote transmitters, you will have ultimate control and extra leisure time.
Boat Lift Motor Repair, Service & Maintenance – Maintaining a boat is a job in itself without having to worry about the many electrical components that play a part in your boat lift. Contact Hawkins Service Company for all your boat lift motor repairs & service needs. Ask about our regular maintenance programs to keep your boat lift in top-notch shape and keep YOU on the water.

In addition to dock and boat lift repair services, we offer residential electrical services, pool automation, and air conditioning installation and repair.

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