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Home electrical problems don’t need to inconvenience your routine or cause safety hazards. At Hawkins Service Company, we specialize in professional electrical repairs, electrical safety inspections, and new electrical installations. If you notice signs of a power surge in your home, signs of a bad outlet or switch, or any other signs of electrical problems in your home, call us today. We’ll send one of our experienced technicians to your home to investigate and solve any electrical problems in the Tampa Bay, FL area.
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Signs of Electrical Problems in Homes

  • A burning smell or a fishy odor with no explanation
  • Smoke from outlets, switches, appliances, or baseboards
  • Sparks or arcs from your outlets or switches
  • Electrical shocks when touching appliances or using outlets
  • Frequently tripped circuit breakers
  • Hot outlets or switches
  • Frayed or damaged wires
  • Dimming or flickering lights
  • Malfunctioning switches, outlets, or appliances
  • Signs of rodent damage
  • Black, brown, or scorched outlets, switches, walls, baseboards, or electrical panel
  • A buzzing or popping sound

What is an Electrical Short?

An electrical short occurs when a wire that is carrying electrical current to appliances contacts a wire that provides the return path to the electrical panel, or a ground wire that also returns electricity to the electrical panel. This can be caused by old or damaged wiring or wire insulation, loose wiring, or poorly installed wiring. You can tell if you have an electrical short in your home if:
  • You smell burning or smoky odors around your outlets or appliances
  • You feel warm spots on your walls
  • You find discolored or burn marks near your outlets
  • A particular circuit breaker keeps tripping
  • You see damaged wires in your home

Signs of a Power Surge in Home

A power surge is an electrical problem that occurs when the voltage delivered to an appliance is higher than normal. If this voltage reaches an appliance, it can cause damage, an electrical fire, or a power outage. A power surge can occur due to electrical overload, lightning, power outages, bad wiring, power grid switching, or transformer malfunctions. You can protect your electronics and appliances from a power surge by installing surge protectors or using extension cords that have surge protection. You can also unplug all devices after a power outage and give large appliances their own outlet. You may be able to tell that you’re at risk of a power surge if you notice that your devices have lost power, electrical appliances aren't working, you have tripped wires or a tripped circuit breaker, or you notice that you have defective wiring.

Signs of a Bad Outlet

Electrical outlets can malfunction or become overloaded or damaged. Recognizing the signs of a bad outlet can reduce your risk of electrical shock, damage to your home or appliances, fires, and electrocution. The most common signs of a bad outlet are:
  • Discolored, burnt, or melted outlets
  • Smoke, arcs, sparks, or a burning odor
  • The outlet cover feels hot
  • Plugs continually fall out of the outlet
  • The outlet isn’t grounded, or only has openings for two-prong plugs
  • Your GFCI outlet doesn’t trip when it should

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Call us today or contact us online to schedule professional repair of electrical problems in Tampa Bay, FL or the surrounding areas. Our experienced, knowledgeable technicians have the skills and equipment needed to solve electrical problems big and small. We’ll complete a thorough electrical safety inspection to determine if you have any electrical problems, and then we will recommend electrical repairs or new electrical installations.

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