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Guaranteed Efficient Air Conditioning

How many times a year do you take your vehicle in for an oil change, tire rotation or just routine maintenance? Your air conditioner runs a substantial amount more than your car and is often neglected or ignored until there is a major problem. Our service membership can guarantee that your AC unit is running strong and efficiently all year long.

Our AC Club Membership guarantees priority appointments and provides valuable services and discounts on repairs. You are also guaranteed that all repairs are fixed right or they are free. Once you sign up for the service membership you’ll receive two 25-point inspections semi annually, 20% off of all repair parts, a discounted rate on service calls and our 24/7 on call emergency service.

Our 25-Point Tune-Up Includes:

Clean Indoor Coil
Clean Outdoor Coil
Remove Debris From Unit
Clean Drain Pan
Clean Drain lIne
Treat Drain Pan and Line
Inspect Capacitors
Inspect Electrical Connections
Tighten Electrical Connections
Calibrate Thermostat
Inspect Ducts For Leaks
Check Duct Pressure
Sanitize Air Handler

Check Freon Pressure
Level Equipment
Verify Air Temps
Verify Compressor Amperage
Verify Condensor Amperage
Verify Blower Amperage
Verify Heater Amperage
Verify Start Amperage
Check Air Temps at Vents
Clean Filters
Mold, Mildew and Bacteria Inspection
Basic Leak Search

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