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Pool equipment, sales, installation, and repair in Tampa

Pool equipment, sales, installation, and repair in Tampa
Proudly selling and servicing all brands of swimming pool equipment. Pool pumps, pool heaters, and pool filters all contribute to a safe and enjoyable swimming experience at your Riverview home. Our services include sales and repair of pool heat pumps, gas heaters, filter pumps, filters, lighting, and much more.

Hawkins Service company is trusted by all of the major manufacturers to provide warranty services. We sell and service Pentair, Jandy, Zodiac, Hayward, and Aquacal to name a few.

Top Four Pool Pump Problems

  • The pump won’t stay on: A pool pump that won’t stay on is most likely suffering from a damaged capacitor. Pool pumps that will run but won’t stay on may have either clogged vents or aren’t receiving sufficient power. In some cases, intense sunlight can cause your pool pump to overheat. Your pool service can install a cover to protect your pump if this is the case.
  • The pump is leaking water: Pool pumps that leak water are usually suffering from a bad impeller housing o-ring, a bad seal, or worn threads. Contact your pool service to examine your pump and replace any worn seals or threads.
  • The pump is very loud: Extremely loud noises from your pump indicate a problem. Vibration or rattling can be caused by an improperly sized pump or a pump that is clogged and cannot draw in enough water. Loud screeching noises indicate the need for replacement bearings inside the pump.
  • The pump has an air leak: Although small leaks are common, larger air leaks will cause your pump to have trouble circulating water through your pool. Air leaks are often due to worn or ill-fitting parts, which can be easily addressed by your pool service.

Benefits of Variable Speed Pool Pumps

Traditional single-speed pool pumps are constantly running at full capacity, even when you don’t need them to. Unlike older models, variable speed pool pumps can be programmed to operate at different levels of energy, depending on whether you need them to circulate water or run your pool cleaner. Upgrading to a variable speed pool pump can yield these benefits:

  • Saving money on your pool bill. If your electricity bills seem high, an outdated pool pump may be to blame. Variable speed pool pumps are up to 90 times more efficient than traditional single-speed pumps, which means that they can significantly lower the amount you spend on your pool.
  • Conserving energy. If you have a single-speed pool pump, it probably consumes more energy than all of your other appliances, including your washing machine and dishwasher. Using a variable speed pool pump can reduce your annual energy use by as much as 70 percent.
  • Longer lifespan. Since variable speed pool pumps use less energy than single-speed pumps, they also don’t wear down as quickly. They are also quieter and less noticeable than traditional pool pumps.

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