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Pool Filter Repair Services in the Tampa, FL

Pool Filter Repair by the Pool Pros at Hawkins Service Company

When you need a reliable team of professionals to provide pool filter repair services at your Tampa, FL property, who better to call than the team at Hawkins Service Company? For nearly two decades, we have been solving pool issues all across the region. Whether you’re having problems with your pool’s pump, automation system, or chlorinator system, we can help. We are proud to be a warranty center for Pentair, Hayward, Zodiac, Jandy, Raypac, Aquacal, and many more reputable pool equipment manufacturers. No one in the Tampa area knows pools like our team, and we have the know-how to repair your pool’s filter, so you can get back to swimming laps and playing Marco Polo with your kids.

The Importance of a Functioning Pool Filter

Your pool’s filter is a highly important component due to the fact that it is responsible for removing unwanted particles and keeping them out of the water you and your family swim in. When your filter fails to work correctly, your pool is subject to algae growth or cloudy water. Our team is proud to offer pool filter repair, whether you need to have a cartridge replaced or a leak fixed. We want to make sure your Tampa pool stays as clean as possible, which is why we can perform quick and efficient pool filter repair services you can rely on.


The Tell-Tale Signs Your Pool’s Filter Needs Repairs

Listen, we understand that not everyone is a born pool expert. Pool systems can be quite finicky, and no one wants a faulty filter to get in the way of their pool day. Don’t let your pool fall victim to murky water and algae growth. Instead, know the tell-tale signs and symptoms that your pool filter is requiring some much-needed attention. These include the following:


  • Broken bands: If your pool’s filter cartridges bands have broken, your filter will likely need to be replaced. These bands are responsible for keeping the pleats of the filter from flattening under the water pressure, which is necessary for optimal filtration.
  • Tattered, frayed, or ripped fabric: The chemicals and particles continually being pumped through your filter can eventually wear down the filter’s fabric. This stress will cause your filter’s material to develop a “hairy” appearance and can even cause holes to develop in the material that allows debris to spill back into your pool.
  • A high PSI: If you notice a spike in PSI (pound-force per square inch), this is a sign that there is an unhealthy amount of strain within your pool’s filter. If your filter is caked with everything it has been filtering from your pool, it restricts water flow and will need to be repaired.
  • Flattening pleats: Over time, the polyester material that makes up your filter will begin diminishing and flattening. Just like a filter with frayed fabric, flattened pleats allow debris to be dumped back into your swimming pool.
  • Cracked endcaps: Endcaps act as a type of bookends that keep all your cartridges’ contents in a compact form. Constant pressure and chemical exposure from your pool can cause filter endcaps to become weak and brittle over time, compromising the filter of your pool.
Pool Filter Installation Services in Tampa, FL

Pool Filter Installation Services

When you need a new pool filter installed at your commercial or residential property, our team can help you find the right type of filter to fit your pool’s needs. Don’t rely on any old pool company to point you in the right direction when you could depend on the team at Hawkins Service Company. With over 100 years of combined experience under our belts, we have the know-how and expertise to diagnose your pool’s filter issues and deliver comprehensive solutions that will have you swimming again in no time. We take pride in our reputation for never cutting corners and ensure any filter you buy from us is installed correctly on the first try. Better yet, we’ll make sure your new filter is functioning correctly before we leave your property, so you can rest assured that those taking a dip in your pool are doing so safely.

Tampa’s Pool Equipment Warranty Center

Over the years, our expertise in all things “pool” has evolved. After nearly a decade of working side-by-side with most of the swimming pool contractors in the area, we decided to become a warranty center for Pentair, Hayward, Zodiac, Jandy, Raypac, Aquacal, and many more reputable manufacturers in the industry. We take pride in partnering with these fellow pool pros and in being a convenient way for our customers to obtain the equipment they need for their pool. Our team has thousands of parts in-stock to meet any of your pool’s repair or replacement needs.

Contact Our Pool Repair Experts Today!

If your pool filter needs service, please contact Hawkins Service Company today. No matter if you need repairs, a replacement, or an installation for your residential or commercial swimming pool filter, our pool experts in Tampa, FL can perform superior service and unrivaled customer care. We look forward to assisting you.

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