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Make Pool Life Easy With a Pool Automation System

Hawkins Service Company is among Tampa’s pool automation system experts. We have been serving pool owners in the area since 1993, but pool automation is among our more recent specialties. Our pool services have long included repairs, heat pump installation, filter replacement, and much more. Now, we can add pool automation systems to the mix. These innovative systems make enjoying your pool during the summer significantly simpler. You no longer have to worry about completing an extensive checklist before diving into the deep end. A pool automation system can complete many of your tasks for you. Call our swimming pool specialists today to learn more about how a pool automation system can make your life easier and request a free estimate.
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How Does Pool Automation Work?

Pool automation systems are innovative technologies that we expect will continue to grow in popularity for years to come. These days, immediate satisfaction and gratification are commonplace. No one wants to have to wait for anything. Additionally, there is a growing trend toward working smarter and not harder. People do not want to spend hours ready-ing a pool when an app can do it for them. Pool automation systems allow you to control your pool’s features from a wireless remote or smartphone. As you are putting on your swimsuit or preparing snacks to enjoy poolside, your pool automation system can prime your swimming pool for a day of fun in the sun.
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You Can Automate Myriad Pool Features

We can help you establish a wireless network that allows you to automate your pool’s systems with the touch of a button. From anywhere in the house, neighborhood, Tampa, or beyond, you can control almost any aspect of your pool. Using a control panel or power center, you can turn on, operate, or program your:
  • Chemical Dispenser
  • Heater
  • Lights
  • Pool Cleaner
  • Saltwater System
  • Sound System
  • Valve System
  • Water Features
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Things You Need to Establish Pool Automation

There are several elements of a pool automation system that ensure it runs smoothly. With everything operating digitally and remotely, your pool automation system will require a power supply and internet connection. The power supply will provide electricity to the control panel and the pool equipment in your absence. A wireless internet connection will allow you to relay your commands from a smart device to the control hub at the heart of your pool automation system. You may also opt for a pool pad, which will let you control automation even without a reliable internet connection.

Determining if You Need a Pool Automation System

A pool automation system is more of a luxury than a necessity, but it is a feature that you will use more than you expect. Even if you find it cathartic to clean your pool or adjust its chemicals, the convenience of doing so from the comfort of your living room or before you leave work is something that cannot be understated. Customers who opt for pool automation systems quickly fall in love with their features and how simple they make pool ownership. It is an innovation that is here to stay.
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Why You Should Trust the Experts at Hawkins Service Company

Hawkins Service Company has spent more than a quarter-century providing electrical, plumbingHVAC, gas, and pool repair services in the Tampa, FL area. We are our customers’ one-stop shop for all of their home service needs. For years, pool repair meant upgrading heat pumps and replacing filters. But pool automation systems have changed the game. And we are changing with it. Our professionals have quickly become experts in all the best pool automation systems, so you can rely on us for fast, reliable service. Whether you need repairs for your existing pool automation system or are ready to install a new one, we are the team to call.

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The heat in Tampa often necessitates a plethora of pool days every summer. But for many, the refreshing experience of jumping into a backyard oasis is preceded by substantial efforts to clean the water and adjust its chemical levels, among other chores. Hawkins Service Company can help you eliminate those tasks by installing a pool automation system at your home. With the touch of a button, you will now be able to control all of your pool’s features. Before you are even ready to take a dip, you can start readying your pool for swimmers. A pool automation system will increase the amount of time you can spend splashing around with friends and family. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.
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