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It's another beautiful day in Tampa Bay, FL. Yet, instead of relaxing poolside, you're stuck indoors. Why? Because your pool is outdated, difficult to clean, and inaccessible for you and your family. Instead of sweltering in your home, consider upgrading your pool with a pool remodel in Tampa Bay, FL. Hawkins Service Company has assisted numerous homeowners throughout the area in transforming their pools into their personal oasis. A pool can provide you, your family, and your friends with countless hours of outdoor fun and entertainment. Numerous pool upgrades are available to fit your needs and budget. Contact our team today to get started on your pool remodel.
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Unique Pool Upgrade Ideas to Enhance Your Space

Every family utilizes their pool differently. Whether your children and their friends spend the weekend swimming or it's the ideal place to host family get-togethers, the possibilities are endless. A wide range of pool enhancement options are available to improve your pool's safety, functionality, and aesthetic appeal to fit your specific needs and budget. Become inspired for your own pool remodel by discovering some of the most common types of upgrades:
  • Lighting – Lighting is one of the most versatile types of pool upgrades available. Not only does underwater pool lighting create a beautiful ambiance for nighttime swimming, but it also improves safety. There are many different types of pool lighting available, including soft white light or color-changing lights that add to the experience and aesthetics.
  • Water Features – Designing and installing a water feature can dramatically transform the aesthetic of your outdoor space by creating a spa or resort-like atmosphere for your home's pool. Water features include spouting sculptures, streams, and waterfalls, which are exciting for both children and kids to enjoy. They also help create a complete, unique pool experience specifically for you.
  • Automation Systems – Is maintaining or opening your pool for the season overwhelming? A pool automation system makes opening your pool as simple as pushing a button. The mobile app allows you to control chemical dispensers, temperature, lighting, filters, and many more features. So, instead of spending hours preparing your pool to enjoy swimming, you can adjust your pool's setting from the comfort of your home whenever you need.
  • Patio Upgrades – An uneven, damaged, or dilapidated patio can create an unsafe and unappealing environment for hosting parties and enjoying your swim. Repairing and upgrading your patio can improve the functionality, ambiance, and style of the space. There are many unique features, including outdoor fireplaces and fire pits, outdoor kitchen areas, and pergolas to dramatically transform your underutilized patio.

Discover the Numerous Benefits of Pool Upgrades

Tampa Bay residents love spending time outdoors, and their pool provides a fun and exciting space, whether they're enjoying a relaxing afternoon poolside or hosting a party at their home. A pool remodel allows you to customize the space to meet your specific needs and improve the overall experience. Investing in your pool transforms it into an exclusive luxury oasis for you and your family. Whether you seek a modern, elegant look or a tropical paradise, a pool remodel offers endless possibilities to create the perfect aquatic sanctuary. Discover the numerous benefits you'll enjoy when you remodel your pool:
  • Increased Safety – One of the most critical elements of any pool is safety. With upgrades like lighting and automation systems, you can ensure a safer environment for children and adults. Lighting not only makes swimming at night safer but also helps to prevent any potential accidents or injuries. Automation systems also allow you to control the pool's features remotely, reducing the risk of electrical hazards.
  • Improved Functionality – One of the biggest challenges of owning a pool is keeping up with the maintenance. Upgrading your pool can also make it more functional and convenient. Heating systems allow you to use your pool throughout the year, while automation systems make maintenance and control easier. Water features add a touch of luxury and create a more relaxing atmosphere.
  • Lower Utility Costs – While pool upgrades may require an initial investment, they can save you money in the long run. Installing a new heat pump will reduce your energy costs by extending the use of your pool throughout the year. Pool covers also help to retain heat and prevent water evaporation, reducing the need for constant refilling or reheating.
  • Increased Property Value – While not every home buyer is searching for a pool, a well-maintained and upgraded pool can increase the value of your property by up to $30,000. If you ever decide to sell your home, having a pool with updated features can attract potential buyers and even increase the selling price.
  • Enhanced Style – With various upgrades available, you can customize your pool to your desired aesthetic. This makes it more visually appealing and adds a personal touch to your outdoor space.
  • Less Stress – Maintaining a pool can be stressful, especially if the design and features don't represent your style or meet your needs. A pool remodel cultivates a personal paradise where stress can melt away. Convenient features, such as pool automation, make maintaining your pool effortless, while unique elements, such as waterfalls, jets, and lighting, can transform your pool into a personal therapeutic oasis.

When's the Best Time for a Pool Remodel?

Every homeowner utilizes their pool differently. While some residential pools are the focal point of family get-togethers and birthday parties, others are meant to be a tranquil escape for individuals and couples. A thoughtful and high-quality pool remodel can dramatically transform your pool area to match your vision and needs. Learn more about when homeowners choose to upgrade their pool:
  • Affordability – Affordability is one of the most significant considerations when deciding on a pool remodel. Regardless of necessity, the cost of a pool remodel may be out of reach for some families. Luckily, pool remodel financing allows you to pay off the updates over time while enjoying the benefits of a new pool today.
  • Outdated Design – Is your pool approaching 20, 30, or even 40 years old? It may be time to consider an update to improve the style and functionality. In the last few decades, we've seen an advancement in technology, making owning a pool more convenient than ever before.
  • Frequent Repairs – While it's common for a pool to require some number of repairs, frequent or expensive repairs may indicate the need for a more comprehensive pool remodel.
  • Increased Utility Costs – Old or inefficient equipment may be the cause of your increased utility costs. Modern pool equipment is designed to be more energy-efficient and can save you significant amounts of money in the long run.
  • New Feature – Maximize your enjoyment of your pool by installing unique features such as a spa, waterfall, lighting, or an automation system. Upgrading your pool not only enhances its functionality but also increases your enjoyment.

Pool Remodeling FAQs

Are you considering investing in a swimming pool remodel? Whether you know exactly what you want from your upgrade or need assistance envisioning your new pool, researching the different elements and ideas for your upgrade will ensure the completed project is what you need. Throughout the years, we've finished countless pool upgrades for homes throughout Tampa Bay. Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about pool remodels or ask our technicians; we'd be happy to help. Some of the most asked questions include the following:
  • How Often Should a Pool Be Remodeled? – There are numerous factors used to determine how frequently a pool should be remodeled, including material, cost, and need. However, on average, a pool should be remodeled every 10 to 20 years.
  • How Long Does a Pool Remodel Take? – The duration of a pool remodel can vary based on the extent of the work and the type of upgrades being done. During your project consultation, we'll take the time to let you know the timeline for your remodel.
  • How Does it Cost to Upgrade an Inground Pool? – Determining an estimate for your pool remodel can be challenging without knowing what you're looking for. Minor upgrades such as new lighting may cost as little as a couple hundred dollars, while more extensive enhancements may cost thousands.
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Since 1993, homeowners throughout Tampa Bay, FL and the surrounding community have trusted Hawkins Service Company for high-quality swimming pool renovations. Choosing a trusted team of experts for your pool remodeling service is crucial to ensure the project is completed on time and within budget. Our team of experienced and trained technicians has the skills to handle a wide variety of upgrades to improve your pool's aesthetics, safety, and comfort. During your project quote, we'll take the time to ensure you know exactly what to expect throughout the entire project. Contact us for your free project quote if you're considering a pool remodel.

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