Should You Run Your Heater Or Air Conditioner During A Hurricane?
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Should You Run Your Heater or Air Conditioner During a Hurricane?

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If there are two things we know to be true in Florida, it’s that hurricanes comes and go, and air conditioning is more a necessity than a luxury. Knowing how to protect you home and family before, during, and after the storms pass is important, but knowing what to do to keep you’re A/C running is as well. Powering your system off during a hurricane will prevent costly repairs that you might incur if you leave it running.

Here are some steps that will help you to weather the storm and be as comfortable as possible afterwards.

Before the Storm

Hurricanes move slowly and you’ll have sufficient warning if one is threatening your area. Run your air conditioning at a lower temperature in the days leading up to the storm. This will allow your home to reach a cooler temperature so than you can maintain comfort for longer if you have to shut it down. If possible, also protect the outdoor unit of your system from flying debris.


If you’re told to evacuate, you should not only shut down your air conditioning, but you should disconnect all of the electricity to your home at the circuit box. If there’s standing water by your circuit box, call your power company and ask them to shut off the power at the meter.

Power Surges

Any severe storm can cause power outages and power surges. You can protect your HVAC system by installing a surge protector, just as you would for your TV or computer.

Storm Damage

Storms can cause damage to your HVAC system, especially if you have flooding in your area. It may be necessary to have your system inspected by a professional before resuming operation. If any of your system is damaged, you can work with your insurance company to have the repairs completed.

Hurricanes will come and knowing how to prepare for them will help your family and your HVAC system to survive the storm.

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