Should You Turn Off Your Power During a Hurricane?

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If you live anywhere in the southeast United States, you are aware of the threat of hurricanes. Each summer, we listen carefully to the weather reports for updates as to the location of storms, the predicted path, and the severity of the storm. Preparation is the key to staying safe during hurricane season.

When you find yourself facing the threat of an approaching tropical storm or hurricane, there are steps you can take to protect your property and your family. Since these storms often cause wind damage, flooding, and widespread power outages, understanding the dangers during and after the storm is crucial.

These storms often cause power surges. Surge protectors will keep your major electronic devices safe from surges during the storm or from a sudden restoration of power. If you or any family members require power for medical equipment, contact your health provider about an emergency plan.

If flooding is predicted in your area, you should unplug all unnecessary electronic devices and monitor the situation. If emergency personnel instruct you to turn off your electricity during a hurricane, you will need to turn it off at the circuit breaker box. However, if there’s standing water by your circuit box, do not attempt to access it. Instead, contact your electrical provider and ask that the power be turned off at the meter.

If you’re instructed to evacuate, and if you have time, secure your home before you leave. Unplug appliances, televisions, gaming systems, and any other large devices that use electricity. Turn off the electricity and the main water valve. If you have gas appliances, you should shut off the valves by the appliances.

Damaged wiring can be a fire danger. If you have any damage to your home, especially if you’ve suffered water damage, don’t reconnect your utilities until they’ve been inspected by a licensed electrician. By the same token, if any of your appliances have had water damage, don’t use them until they’ve been inspected by a professional.

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