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We Offer Emergency Services to Help in Your Time of Need

While homeowners often don't dedicate much thought to their plumbing or electrical systems, it's crucial to be prepared for potential issues that may arise. When problems occur, having a reliable team of experts readily available is essential to prevent damage and restore comfort promptly. This is where Hawkins Service Company excels. Serving clients throughout Tampa, FL, and the surrounding areas, we offer emergency home services. Although our company originated as an electrical services provider almost three decades ago, our skilled professionals are now proficient in assisting with all aspects of your home's systems. While we primarily provide plumbing, gas, or HVAC services on an appointment basis, we understand that time is of the essence in emergencies. Rest assured, our team is prepared to address your needs promptly. Contact us without delay for exceptional emergency services.
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Hawkins Service Company technician performing maintenance on AC unit

Our Experts Can Handle All Types of Electrical Issues

If lights in your Tampa home frequently flicker or your circuit breaker trips often, you may need help from the emergency electricians at Hawkins Service Company. Other signs that should prompt a call to our expert team include buzzing or humming noises emanating from your breaker box, burning smells coming from your outlets, or sparking. Any electrical problems could lead to disaster if not addressed early. Our professionals will visit your residence to determine where the problem lies and provide repairs that keep your home and family safe.

Rely on Our Team for Plumbing Problems

Leaks under or around your water heater could be the result of minor problems such as loose connections. But if you attempt to fix a problem to no avail, do not hesitate to call Hawkins Service Company for emergency plumbing assistance. By failing to address minor leaks, you could leave yourself vulnerable to burst water lines, a flooded basement, or other problems. Our licensed and insured plumbers are adept at addressing water heater leaks and malfunctions.

Furthermore, our plumbers are experts when it comes to pool pumps. That backyard oasis is serene and a lovely place to find relief from the blistering Tampa sun, but pool pump problems could wreak havoc on your yard or plumbing. At the first sign of an issue, we encourage you to call Hawkins Service Company for emergency repair services.

Plumber hands holding wrench and fixing a sink in bathroom

Hawkins Service Company Can Repair Your HVAC System

You deserve to feel a cool rush of air as soon as you open your front door during the hot summer months. If your HVAC system stops operating efficiently or produces uneven temperatures throughout your home, you must act quickly. Failing to fix your air conditioner could lead to expensive utility bills or further problems with the unit – not to mention heat-related illnesses and discomfort. Our highly-trained technicians are knowledgeable about all types of HVAC units, so you can rest assured knowing we will troubleshoot the problem and devise a quick, efficient solution. We do not want you to be without cooling relief, so we promise to work quickly whenever you need emergency services.

Call Us Immediately if You Notice a Gas Leak

Individuals throughout Tampa, FL are increasingly opting for gas energy to power their homes’ systems. Gas is an efficient way to power appliances, water heaters, and more. However, you must have a safe, efficient gas line to keep your systems working. If something goes wrong within your gas line, you are at risk of dangerous consequences. We can visit your home promptly to provide gas leak repairs, mend gas pipes, and ensure proper operation.
Soap mixture bubbling up detecting gas leak on a pipe

Why You Should Choose Hawkins Service Company

Hawkins Service Company should be your first choice for emergency plumbing repairs in Tampa, FL, and the surrounding area. Each of our highly-trained technicians is licensed and insured, so you will have peace of mind following any service project we complete. We are committed to providing unrivaled service, and customer testimonials reflect our success with this endeavor. Choose Hawkins Service Company for our:
  • Emergency Services
  • Flexible Payment Options
  • Free Estimates
  • Reasonable Service Rates
  • Skilled and Licensed Technicians

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If you have a significant electrical, HVAC, or other problem, you will need professional help as soon as possible. Hawkins Service Company is proud to provide emergency home services in Tampa, FL. We can address concerns about your air conditioner, water heater, electrical systems, and more. Contact us today for a free estimate.
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