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24/7 Home Service Contractors For Your Can’t-Wait Situations

Hawkins Service Company realizes that some situations just can’t wait. When an emergency or extremely urgent problem arises, we’re proud to provide our customers with 24-hour services for the following departments:

Electric Services

HVAC Repairs & Service

We strive to have technicians available around the clock for emergency HVAC & Electrical services and we staff accordingly. You can count on us 24/7!

24/7 Emergency Electrical Services by Hawkins Service Company

Hawkins Service Company's Technician for Commercial Gas Service

Additional After-Hours Services

We also provide after-hour call service for our Swimming Pool Equipment Services & Repairs and Gas Services departments. However, we cannot guarantee 24-hour service and we do not currently have available technical support via telephone or chat for these services on a 24/7 basis.

If you require after-hours service or wish to leave us a voice message after normal business hours, please call our main phone number at 877-807-5210.  Our message system will have two options:

Press 1 to leave a message that will be responded to on the next business day.

Press 2 to leave an urgent message for our after-hours team.

Urgent/ emergency messages are sent out via text message to our on-call staff who are responsible for returning phone calls within 20 minutes. Chat messages and forms are responded to during the next business day as we do not currently have 24-7 staff in place to respond to those messages.

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