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Call Hawkins Service Company for Reliable Pool Pump Repair

If you’re a Tampa, FL pool owner whose pool has fallen victim to algae and bacteria growth, pool pump repair by Hawkins Service Company is a necessity. Contaminants in your pool’s water are not only an indication that something is wrong, but it also renders these waters unsafe for swimming. Don’t put your and your family’s health at risk. Our seasoned pool pros have over 100 years of combined experience under our belts and have rectified countless pool pump malfunctions throughout West Central Florida. No matter what issues your pool is facing, we have spent nearly 20 years serving our community with comprehensive pool service. At this point, there’s not much we haven’t seen, which is why we’re confident we can diagnose any issues surrounding your pool pump, as well as perform the proper repairs to ensure your pool is back to a healthy condition in no time. For additional information on our pool pump repair services, don’t hesitate to give our team a call.

The Most Common Signs You Need Pool Pump Repair Services

The Sunshine State alone is home to over a million homes with swimming pools. With that number in mind, a staggering amount of these homeowners significantly overspend on pool repairs each year. The kicker? More than half of these repairs could have been completely avoided if only pool owners took the time to understand the importance of regular pool maintenance and the signs of a malfunctioning pool system. One of the most commonly overlooked components of a pool is the pool pump. Many pool pump issues are “resolved” with easy or cheap fixes by companies who value completing the job rather than actually diagnosing the root of the problem. With Hawkins Service Company, you’ll never find our pool pros giving you half-hearted solutions or cutting corners. We’re here to educate you on the potential signs that your pool requires pool pump repair so that you can save money and peace of mind. The most common symptoms that your pool’s pump needs some extra attention include the following:

Strange sounds

This is a sure-fire sign that your pool pump needs to be repaired. When you begin hearing strange sounds, such as screeching, rumbling, or grinding noises, your pump is trying to tell you something has gone awry. In most cases, it’s either rumbling, screeching, or grinding noises. Whether it requires dislodging or new pump bearings, our team can get to the root of the issue.

Water leaks

There are many reasons behind leaks or a noticeable decrease in your pool’s water levels. This issue can be due to dislodged pipes or even a faulty O-ring, though often, it is due to much trickier issues. The source of leaks can be difficult to find unless you know exactly where to look, which is why you should only rely on our seasoned professionals to check out every possible culprit.

Air Leaks

If you’ve begun noticing your pool pump sucking in air, this is a sure sign that your pump needs repairs. We have the tools to find the exact location of any air leaks, allowing us to quickly address the issue before it has a chance to become more severe.

Stagnant waters

Though this isn’t something most pool owners give much thought, non-moving waters indicate a malfunctioning pool pump. Continually circulating water is not only crucial to the overall well-being of your pool, but it also ensures the water does not become contaminated. When your pool pump fails, it has the potential to put everyone who takes a dip at a health and safety risk.

Old age

If your pool pump is over a decade old, there’s a pretty significant chance that it will need to be repaired or replaced. A dated pool pump will eventually have trouble meeting demands, causing the pool’s pump and motor to break down completely.

Power trips

If you’ve recently experienced power trips at your Tampa, FL commercial or residential property, it may be the underlying problem surrounding your pool pump’s failure. If you notice these power trips start happening once turning on your pool pump motor, all signs will typically point to electrical issues that signal your pump is experiencing motor problems. In this case, our seasoned team will determine whether simple repairs or a full replacement will be necessary.

Continual motor shutdowns

A pool pump that experiences constant motor shutdowns is usually an indication that there are overheating or clogging issues present. Additionally, an overworking fan could be to blame, which will cause your system to overcompensate and wear itself out fairly quickly. Fan issues are commonly the signs of a more severe problem and should be looked at by our team of professionals before the situation becomes more expensive to repair.

Pool Pump Motor Replacement & Repair Services in Tampa, FL

Pool Pump Motor Replacement & Repair

The motor within your pool pump is responsible for ensuring water is moved to the filter. The fact is, a pool pump is virtually useless with a properly functioning motor. That’s why it’s so important to have any motor issues resolved as quickly as possible by the pool pros at Hawkins Service Company.  With our help, your commercial or residential pool will be set up with a motor that works efficiently, so your swimming pool has clean water year-round. If you’re experiencing problems with your pool pump, our team can help. We have the tools and know-how to thoroughly inspect your pump, determine what the problem is, and perform repairs that fix the issue on the first try. Don’t rely on an amateur pool company to give you the solutions you need. Trust our experienced team for fast, reliable service for a competitive price.

Contact Us Today for Warranty Repair Services

When you need pool pump repair services in the Tampa, FL area, who better to call than Hawkins Service Company. We have been West Central Florida’s premier choice for full pool and electrical solutions and have gained a sterling reputation throughout our nearly 20 years in the industry. Don’t wait to reach out to professionals. Contact our team today to learn more about our pool pump repair services or to request a free estimate. We look forward to serving you.

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