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Electricity is the lifeblood of your home, providing power for necessities and modern conveniences alike. Hawkins Service Company’s experienced residential electricians in Tampa can help you with everything from lighting and home automation to service upgrades and generator repairs.


All About Home Automation

Home automation is no longer a concept of the future. Today, your residential electrician can help you create a smart home in Tampa for convenience and energy savings. Any electrical device can be placed on your home network for automation purposes. Once automated, you can control any networked system with the touch of a button or even a simple spoken word.

Home automation allows you to make instantaneous changes to the electrical and comfort systems in your home whether you are home or not. You can create automatic programs for your lighting and HVAC systems or control these systems remotely from a computer or smartphone. Networking your home’s electrical systems offers many benefits, including enhanced comfort, energy savings, and theft prevention.

How Your Electrician Can Help You Go Green

Going green is a growing trend among American homeowners as the financial and environmental costs of energy usage continue to rise. Your residential electrician in Tampa can help you make small but extremely effective changes at home to reduce energy usage without sacrificing comfort or convenience.

Switch to CFLs: Compact fluorescent lamps, or CFLs, use less energy than incandescent bulbs while lasting much longer. CFLs can generally be used in any lighting applications where traditional bulbs are appropriate and can reduce the amount of energy used by your home’s lighting by up to 75%.
Use Dimmer Switches: Another area of home lighting where you can save energy is installing dimmer switches. Dimmer switches can reduce the amount of energy used by incandescent bulbs by 10% or more.

Install Motion Sensors: Leaving the lights on in unoccupied rooms is a common energy sink in many homes. Motion sensors can automatically turn off the lights in your home after a predetermined amount of time, saving energy and money.
Upgrade Your Thermostat: Your HVAC system is a large source of energy usage in your home. Upgrading to a programmable thermostat can reduce the amount of energy required to heat and cool your home. Creating a program that reduces the amount of heating or cooling in your home when it is unoccupied can offer significant energy savings throughout the year.

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