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Your home's lighting design can improve its ambiance and beauty, but it is also key to increasing your safety and security. At Hawkins Service Company, we offer professional lighting design and lighting installation in Tampa Bay, FL area. We can inspect, repair, and replace any interior or exterior residential lighting system, including residential LED lighting and residential dock lighting. We also provide home decorative lighting installation services, including accent and track lighting and even holiday lighting installation. Call us today if you want to replace or install new bathroom lights, kitchen lights, or more.
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Common Types of Bathroom Lights & Kitchen Lights

Before our home service technicians begin your residential lighting installation, we work closely with you to go over your needs, goals, and budget. If you already have your lighting fixtures picked out, we will fully explain our process for safe installation and operation. If you are completing new construction or a home renovation or remodel, we’re happy to help you pick out the best types of residential lighting for your home. Here’s a look at common types of bathroom lights, kitchen lights, and other residential lighting we can install and replace:
  • General Lighting – General lighting is basic lighting used to make your home's interior or exterior visible and safe.
  • Ambient or Decorative Lighting – Ambient or decorative lighting is used supplemental to general lighting to make your home inviting and comfortable.
  • Recessed Lights – Recessed lights are hidden in a wall or floor, so you don't see the light source directly.
  • Accent Lighting – Accent lighting is used to draw attention to and accentuate architectural features, artwork, decor, or other objects or areas of the home.
  • Surface Lights – Surface lights are flush against the ceiling and wall and are common types of kitchen lights, bathroom lights, and hallway lights.
  • Pendant Lights – Pendant lights are hanging lights typically placed over a dining room table, kitchen island, or bathroom vanity.
  • Task Lighting – Task lighting is directed towards a specific area to improve the convenience and function of that area. You might install task lighting over a kitchen island or workshop table.
  • Security Lighting – Security lighting can be inside and outside the home. It increases the safety and security of the home, illuminates trip hazards or obstacles, and deters prowlers and animals.
  • Portable Lights – Portable lights are floor lamps, desk lamps, and table lamps that can be unplugged from an outlet and moved from place to place.
  • Landscape Lighting – Landscape lighting includes bullet lights, flood lights, security lights, motion sensor lights, deck and patio lights, and well and wash lights. They are used to increase the safety and security of your yard and draw attention to landscaping and hardscaping elements.
  • LED Lighting – Residential LED lighting is eco-friendly lighting that emits much less heat than traditional light bulbs.
  • Dock Lighting – Residential dock lighting illuminates a dock for safety and decorative purposes.

Why Hire a Professional for Lighting Installation

Even homeowners with a lot of experience completing home repairs should leave lighting installation to a professional electrician. Our team of technicians has decades of experience in residential lighting installation, and we adhere to all electrical codes and regulations and industry standards. We have the skills, tools, and equipment to complete lighting installation safely and efficiently, with no risk of damage to your home. Our home lighting installation services will improve your home's safety, security, comfort, beauty, and value.

Home Decorative Lighting Electrical Services

In addition to traditional residential lighting installation, we also offer home decorative lighting electrical services. Home decorative lighting is supplemental lighting that draws attention to architectural features or artwork, adds beauty or ambiance to a room, or otherwise enhances the mood of a room. Types of home decorative lighting we can install include:

  • Sconces
  • Pendant lights
  • Chandeliers
  • Lanterns
  • Patio and deck lighting
  • Pool and spa lighting
  • Stair and railing lighting
  • Cabinet and shelf lighting
  • Holiday lighting

Our Residential Lighting Services

Our home service technicians offer comprehensive electrical services and residential lighting services:

  • Lighting Inspections – Our lighting inspections assess the condition, safety, and performance of existing residential lighting systems so we can recommend repair or replacement.

  • Lighting Installation – We offer new lighting installation for homes, new construction, or as part of a remodel or renovation.

  • Lighting Repairs – We can repair lights and install replacement parts so they are safe and functional once again.

  • Lighting Maintenance – We can maintain residential lighting systems so they operate correctly and safely and have a longer lifespan.

  • Lighting Design – We can assist with lighting design for remodels, renovations, and new construction.

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Call us today or contact us online to schedule lighting installation in Tampa Bay, FL area. We'll send a technician to your home for a consultation to discuss your residential lighting design, vision, and budget. We're happy to install or replace existing lighting fixtures or help you pick out the most appropriate types of kitchen lights, bathroom lights, and more. We also offer exterior lighting installation for security lights, landscape lights, holiday lights, and dock lights.

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