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Prevent Accidents With a 24 Hour Electrician

A problem with your home's electrical system can cause inconvenience and safety issues. At Hawkins Service Company, we have a staff of experienced 24 hour electricians in the Tampa Bay, FL area. We offer reliable, efficient emergency electrical service that restores your home's comfort, safety, and beauty. Knowing how to handle an electrical emergency can prevent an electrical fire, electrocution or electrical shock, power outages, property damage, and power surges or short circuits. Call us today if you need a same-day electrician for an electrical emergency.
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What Is an Electrical Emergency?

An electrical emergency is a problem with one or more elements of your home's electrical system that affects or threatens the safety of your home or the people inside. An electrical emergency can cause a fire, electrical shock, property damage, or other injuries. An electrical emergency can occur due to old or degraded electrical systems, improper installation or repairs, lack of inspections or maintenance, equipment failure, natural disasters, fire or flood, or human error. Knowing the difference between an electrical emergency and a manageable electrical problem that doesn't require an immediate response is important. Call our 24 hour electrician if you experience any of these electrical emergencies:
  • Power outage
  • Electrical fire
  • Smoke from your baseboards, outlets, switches, appliances, electrical panel, or wiring
  • A buzzing or popping sound from any electrical appliance or power source
  • A fishy or burning smell in your home
  • Electrical shock
  • Sparks or arcs from outlets or switches
  • Circuit breaker failure
  • Burnt or scorched electrical outlet or electrical panel

Danger of Trying to DIY Emergency Electrical Service

You should never try to complete your own emergency electrical service. You risk injuring yourself or others, making the problem worse, starting a fire, causing property damage, or completing repairs that aren't up to code. Our team of experienced 24 hour electricians has extensive knowledge, advanced education and training, and professional tools and equipment. We can complete emergency electrical services according to the National Electric Code, state and federal regulations, and industry standards. We will maintain your home's comfort, safety, and value and ensure no further electrical issues arise. We work efficiently to minimize the inconvenience to you and your family and ensure the job is done correctly the first time. Attempting to DIY emergency electrical services can result in the following:

  • Fire hazards
  • Electrical shock
  • Serious injury or death
  • Using the wrong equipment, parts, or tools
  • Causing an electrical failure
  • Violating your home warranty or homeowners insurance policy
  • Violating the National Electric Code
  • Causing inspection issues
  • Lowering the value of your home
  • Encountering hidden electrical dangers
  • Requiring more expensive electrical repairs
  • Denial of insurance claims for electrical damage

Our Same Day Electrician Services

We value the safety and comfort of our customers and want to be sure that we're available for an electrical emergency whenever it occurs. We operate a 24/7 answering service to quickly dispatch same day electricians to your home in the event of an electrical emergency. Our 24 hour electrician services are available to all customers throughout Tampa, FL, and the surrounding area. If you have any electrical problems that could pose a health or safety issue if not addressed right away, call our same day electricians for an electrical safety inspection and electrical repairs. Our highly trained technicians will offer reliable, professional help as quickly as possible.

Why Choose Hawkins Service Company for Emergency Electricians

At Hawkins Service Company, we have been providing reputable, trustworthy residential electrical services in Florida since 1993. We specialize in HVAC, electrical, pool, gas, and plumbing services for homes in our community. Our goal is to be the best electrical service company for our customers and the top choice for a complete home service provider. We are committed to high-quality workmanship, exceptional customer service, and electrical safety. We offer electrical safety inspections to assess your home's wiring and electrical systems' quality, condition, performance, and efficiency. Each member of our team is reliable, experienced, and highly skilled. We also fully vet our team members by The Seal to ensure they are safe and professional.

Call a 24 Hour Electrician in Tampa Bay, FL

If you’ve been Googling ‘emergency electrician near me in Tampa Bay, FL, contact us now at Hawkins Service Company. We have a team of experienced 24 hour electricians who can quickly assess the safety of your home’s electrical systems and make professional recommendations for electrical repairs or replacement. Don’t risk the safety of your home or your family - contact one of our professionals for emergency electrical service.

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