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Residential Electrical Contractor in Tampa, FL

Whether you’re establishing and installing your own home theater, installing lights in a parking lot for your company, or are trying to go greener with your energy output, there will be many questions and decisions. At Hawkins Service Company, we’re here to answer your most frequently-asked electrical questions. For everything else, contact our team today.

What size film screen do I need?

Before you decide on what screen you need, decide on which aspect ratio you would like in your home theater. The two aspect ratios are 16:9 and 2.40. Most people choose 16:9 for general movie viewing. From there, you can choose which field of view you want, how close the seats are to the screen, and more. We’ll be more than happy to help you decide on the appropriately-sized screen.

I don’t have a good-sounding room. Do I need good sounding equipment?

There are plenty of options how to improve the sound in your room with sound fabric, equipment, and more. Sound equipment is often overlooked but can cause a detriment to your theater enjoyment. We always recommend maximizing the sound capabilities of your theater.

How much does a home theater system cost?

The cost of your home theater will vary on a few aspects, including:

  • Size
  • Screen size
  • Seating
  • Sound system
  • Lighting
  • Accessories
  • Installation process

How many subwoofers do I need?

Most home theaters only need one subwoofer. Two subwoofers can provide better bass quality, widen the listening area, and give you greater flexibility in your audio input. However, two subwoofers make it difficult to find the audio sweet spot, can be expensive, and the margin of error for impacting your listening experience is significantly larger.

Should I get a flat panel TV or a projector for my media room?

This all depends on what you value. If you value high-resolution viewing in any light setting, a 4K television is always going to beat a projector. Modern televisions can achieve next-level visual fidelity that even HD projectors cannot. However, depending on your budget and audio preference, projectors and screens give you more flexibility in maximizing sound performance and give you the true at-home theater experience.

Who performs my professional installation?

Our team of licensed, insured, bonded, and expert technicians conduct all our electrical installations. We have years of experience and work with the latest in technology to provide our customers only the very best for their money.

Can lighting control save energy?

Yes! One of the biggest aspects of professional lighting control is lowering monthly energy bills as you only use the lights you need at any given moment.

Is lighting control cost-effective?

The initial investment in lighting control is always worth it to save money on otherwise costly electric bills over time.

Is lighting control flexible and future-proof?

Technically, nothing is ever fully future-proof. However, lighting control can be adapted to new installations you have down the line and can always help you control your energy output.

Can office lighting be too bright, make you tired, and cause headaches/migraines?

Yes. Working in an office with inadequate lighting conditions can impact your vision, put a strain on your eyes, and affect your overall health. It’s important to provide proper illumination in your office to maximize health, happiness, and productivity.

What is the best lighting for offices?

We recommend low, glare-free lighting for offices. Fluorescent and LED lighting are the preferred methods of lighting an office to create a welcoming environment. You must also use adequate natural daylight to work alongside the installed lighting.

How do I choose a generator?

There are many different factors to consider when selecting your generator. We will help you choose the right generator after asking you these questions:

  • Size of building
  • Fuel tank sizes
  • Running computers or servers off generators
  • Types of power needed from the generator
  • Space
  • Average energy output

How often does the heat pump need to be serviced?

You should get your heat pump services twice annually.

What does a preventive maintenance check include?

Heat pump preventative maintenance checks include:

  • Inspecting ducts, filters, blower, coil
  • Cleaning indoor coil
  • Flushing drain line
  • Diagnosing any leaks
  • Sealing leaks
  • Checking discharge pressure
  • Checking blower wheel
  • Much more – schedule your appointment with us today!

How long does it take to charge my car?

This depends on the type of battery, charging station, and outlet.

Regular socket – six to eight hours

Charging station – one to four hours

Fast charger – 20 minutes

Will my electricity bill go up charging my electric car?

Yes. Take advantage of charging your electric vehicle at night or using solar power to keep energy bills low.

What type of light is best suited for outdoor parking?

LED area lights are the best option for parking lots to produce the brightest, most reliable light.

How much does a parking lot light pole cost?

Prices vary greatly, depending on the size of your lot and how well-lit you need the area. Typically, the cost of lighting an average parking lot is around $3,000 – $5,000.

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No matter what issue you’re experiencing, the investment you’re excited about, or home repair you need, contact our team. We can dial in our services for you to better serve you with competitive prices and our years of experience and knowledge. Call our professional electrical contractor today. We’re proudly serving everyone throughout Tampa.