A Look at How Pool Pumps Work

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Pool pumps are among the most important features of an in-ground swimming pool. Your pool pump is responsible for keeping your pool water clear, clean, and free of any algae or debris. By scheduling pool repair in Tampa, you can ensure that your pool water is inviting and clean for yourself and your guests. In addition, a pool repair company can help you install pool lighting and pool automation systems that will transform your pool into an inviting oasis. When you get to know how your pool pump works, you will have a better idea of when it is time to schedule services. Here is a quick overview of how pool pumps work.

Pool Pump Parts

Your pool pump is made up of a series of mechanical components. At the heart of your pool pump is a motor, which spins at a high speed when the pump is switched on. This motor is responsible for powering the impeller. Along with the motor and impeller, pool pumps are equipped with vacuum chambers, hoses, diffusers, and filters.

Pool Pump Operation

When you turn on your pool pump, the motor will begin to turn. As the motor turns, the impeller will begin to draw water into the vacuum. After the water enters the vacuum, int will be sent through a filtration system. The filter is designed to completely clear out any contaminants or debris from the water. Once the water has been filtered, it is delivered back out into your pool.

Importance of Pool Pumps

Your pool pump plays an important role in the operation of your pool. By filtering your pool water, the pump ensures that your pool does not become dirty or cluttered with debris. If your pool pump is in need of repairs, you may begin to notice that your pool water is cloudy or dirty. By choosing a new pool pump that is the right size for your pool, you can ensure that your pool water remains in fabulous condition, throughout the seasons.

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