A Simple Guide to Choosing a Boat Lift

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If you’re fortunate enough to own waterfront real estate, a private boat lift can help you take advantage of easy water access while also protecting your boat against corrosion, fouling, and wakes. This brief guide will cover some of the important factors to consider when choosing a boat lift. If you go with an electric boat lift, find a residential electrical services provider in Tampa to keep your life running smoothly.

Manual vs. Electric

Boat lifts are available in manual and electric models. While manual lifts are more affordable than electrically-operated lifts, electric models are far superior in terms of convenience and performance. However, electric boat lifts require a safe power source and more care and maintenance than manual lifts. If you go with an electric lift, find an electrical services provider to help you maintain the lift’s electrical components.

Boat Specifications

After you decide what type of boat lift you prefer, you will need to identify which lift can handle your boat. You will need to know a few specifications in order to do so, such as your boat’s length and weight. When shopping for a boat lift, it’s better to get a lift that’s more powerful than you need than to cut it too close and risk lift failure or damage to your boat. You may also want to select a bigger, more powerful lift in case you decide to upgrade your boat in the future.

Sling or Cradle

How your boat gets raised and lowered into the water depends on the type of waterfront you’re launching into. Most lifts are constructed similarly to trailers, in that they use bunks to “cradle” the hull. However, you may want to consider a sling-style lift rather than the cradle design if you are on a very shallow shoreline.

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