Answering Common Questions About Gas Pool Heaters

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Your swimming pool can give your property a spa-like quality but, once fall arrives, taking advantage of this backyard feature may no longer be an option. Are you wondering if installing a pool heater in Tampa is right for you? If so, then continue reading to learn the answers to common questions about gas pool heaters.

Do I Need a Pool Heater?

It’s not uncommon for homeowners to wonder if they can get enough benefits from a pool heater to make it worth installing one. If you find that your pool feels uncomfortably cool for much of the year, then it makes sense to install a pool heater so you can get more use out of this part of your property. Also, if you wish that you could extend your pool season earlier into the spring and later into the fall, then it might make sense for you to install a pool heater.

Should I Choose Gas Over Electricity for My Pool Heater?

If you can install a gas heater for your pool, then this may be the optimal choice. Gas pool heaters can require less cost up front and may also have lower monthly costs to run than electric ones. On the other hand, electric heat pumps can be considerably more energy efficient than both electric and gas pool heaters, but they can be ineffective once the temperatures drop too low. Gas pool heaters are ideal for individuals who want to quickly bring their pool to a comfortable temperature and warm the water for short periods, rather than continuously.

How Do Gas Pool Heaters Work?

Gas pool heaters run on propane or natural fuel. The gas is burned inside a combustion chamber, and the heat that this produces is then transferred to the pool water. These heaters require a hookup to natural gas or a propane gas storage tank to operate. Unlike solar heaters and heat pumps, gas heaters do not rely on the environment in any way, so they can warm your pool no matter how cold the weather.

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