Don’t Wait to Get Your Home up to Code!

Riverview Pool and Electrical Contractors Serving Tampa

Building codes are in place for your protection. Code violations in your home can put your family at risk, and can also cause you quite a bit of money in the long run. For example, an improper electrical system can increase the risk of a house fire and the costs associated with fire damage cleanup. Improper electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems can also cause higher utility bills, not to mention the heavy fines you might be required to pay if an inspector discovers that your home isn’t up to code. Watch this short clip to learn more about the importance of bringing your home up to code if it isn’t already.

If your home isn’t up to code, contact a licensed electrician today to avoid the headaches, fines, and dangers of living in a home that isn’t electrically “up to snuff.” And if you aren’t sure whether or not your home meets local, state and federal electrical codes, a residential electrical contractor in Tampa can come in and inspect your home’s electrical system to point out any repairs or upgrades you need to make to get the system up to code.