How to Save Energy at Home

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In addition to being eco-friendlier, saving your energy use at home can reduce your electricity bill significantly. There are many ways to save energy around the house, including certain tips you can get from your residential electrician and your electric company near Tampa.

Watch the video for a full list of energy-saving tips:

  • Keep your windows and doors sealed when closed. This may involve installing more efficient weather stripping.
  • Change light bulbs to energy-saving bulbs. Consult your residential electrician on the correct bulbs for your light fixtures.
  • Unplug power plugs when appliances are not being used. Use a surge-protected power strip, if you have multiple plugs in use. Speak with your electrician about the correct strips to purchase.
  • Insulate your water heater, and make sure your attic or crawl space insulation is at the correct R-value.