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What Are the Benefits of Multistage Cooling?

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Imagine sitting in your car and turning on the air conditioner. If “on” and “off” were the only choices, you would quickly fluctuate between too hot and too cold. It may seem unreasonable for a car to have single-stage cooling, but that’s how most home HVAC systems operate.

A multistage cooling system is different. This technology allows the air conditioner to run at multiple fan speeds, automatically shifting up and down depending on the current cooling demand. Learn the benefits of multistage cooling to discover why it’s better than single-stage operation.

More Consistent Temperatures

When the air conditioner kicks on for the first time each day, the freshly cooled air feels refreshing as it steadily blows from the air vents. However, it doesn’t take long to start feeling chilly. You may even need to grab a blanket or jacket. But when the AC shuts off and the airflow stops completely, you begin to overheat again.

This cycle repeats over and over—unless you have a multistage cooling system. With a blower that operates at intermediate speeds, the temperature stays closer to the thermostat setting, helping you enjoy a steady, comfortable temperature all day.

Better Humidity Control

Air conditioners don’t just cool your home—they also remove excess moisture from the air. Humidity control requires long enough cycles for condensate to form on the evaporator coil and drip into the condensate pan below, where it drains away. Multistage cooling offers more effective humidity control than short, full-blast cycles, eliminating the cool-but-clammy feeling that plagues so many Florida homes.

Energy Savings

It takes less energy to run an air conditioner at a lower speed. As a result, choosing multistage cooling reduces your energy bills without sacrificing comfort. In fact, as previously mentioned, the variable airflow actually makes you more comfortable.

Longer System Lifespan

The lower operating speeds and longer cycles of a multistage AC are akin to putting “highway miles” on your unit. This causes much less wear and tear than the frequent on-and-off cycles—or “city miles”—of single-stage units. By reducing system wear, a multistage air conditioner can operate years longer before needing to be replaced.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

All forced-air HVAC systems should operate with a filter to remove airborne particles passing through the ductwork. A filter with a high enough efficiency rating can improve indoor air quality. Of course, the filter only does its job when the AC is running. In this way, the longer cycles of a multistage cooling system promote cleaner indoor air and possibly fewer allergies and asthma symptoms.

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